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@awesomeusername: What? You're the one shouting about opinions over and over again in this thread. I know full well many people disagree with me on those. It's not that I'm trolling, I just legitimately hate those games. They're not bad, as I said, and a couple of them might even be great. But I revile those titles.

You're confusing me.:( I said 'What?' because you said you liked those games yet hated them so I'm confused. I'm not saying you're wrong man. I was just genuinely confused about what you were trying to say. Too many 'confuse' words in this reply.

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@awesomeusername said:

Modern Warfare 2

@Jeust said:

  • Resident Evil 5
  • Dead Rising
  • Dragon Age

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

@Jay444111 said:

Prince of Persia 2008

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New Vegas, AC: Brotherhood COD: Black Ops

Hey guys, look! It's that semi-monthly Giant Bomb thread where instead of naming the genuinely worst games of the generation, a few people choose to use the thread as a soapbox against games they were disappointed in! Who could have seen that coming?

Guess what, guys. If these are on the worst games of the generation list for you, you must not play very many games at all. These games are objectively better than the type of trash that should be named in this thread.

Oh man! I forgot opinions didn't matter in this day and age! I'm sorry everyone, we're all wrong! Please forgive us, the ones who like to share our opinions!

Do you not know how to read? I haven't played the worst games ever for a reason, therefore why I'm naming the games I named and this threads name is ' What are the worst games YOU'VE played this gen?'. Nothing here is fact, stop bitching.

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No games this generation make me angrier than Metal Gear Solid 4 (for ruining Metal Gear Solid 2 with a terrible storyline and boring gameplay,) The Witcher 2 (for being the darkest goddamned video game ever and having frustrating gameplay,) Dragon Age: Origins (for being supremely bland and being a constant reminder that I don't like BioWare very much outside of ME,) and Dead Rising 2 (for literally failing to accomplish anything that was fun about the first Dead Rising.) Those are pretty good games. I'd venture to call The Witcher 2 and Dragon Age: Origins "great" if you're there for the right reasons. But I legitimately dislike all those games, and actively hate all of them but Dragon Age: Origins.


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Socom: US. Navy Seals - Confrontation: I joined a match, died and never returned. I didn't know the controls and had no intentions on learning them.

Yeah man, fuck games where you have to learn the controls in order to play them! I mean, what where the developers even thinking!? I'm here to win at your game, not learn the goddamn controls in order to do it!

Now you see how I feel! Thank you!!! Anyways, I only popped it in because I was trying out a couple games I borrowed and it already had bad reviews, plus, people said it was thrash. No point in wasting my time eh? It seemed like a crap game.

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@awesomeusername: It's always fun when people just make random lists with nothing to support anything they're trying to say. Maybe trying coming up with reasons as to why the games suck instead of just spouting nonsense.

Maybe try reading my whole post? On the bottom, I wrote 'My reasons for disliking these games are vague because I'm lazy. Your turn!'. Try again.

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@awesomeusername: Fuck you! Hope got better, FF13 IS GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT


That's a shitty character arc! His voice is the most god damn annoying voice ever. Like Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber annoying.

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you sound really bitchy with little to backup your choices.

If you read the bottom of my post, I wrote 'My reasons for disliking these games are vague because I'm lazy. Your turn!'. If I were to write the reasons I disliked the games, it'd turn into a wall of text. I have no time to make wall of texts.

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i wanna b jus like u sumdayyy

I've beaten Alpha Prime. I played through 79 minutes of R.I.P. You don't know about bad games until you know about Meridian4.


They all sound terrible. You must like pain to go through bad games!

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I just so happen to have money on me at the moment so this shall be bought.

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@NTM: Agh, okay.

@rebgav said:

You're all pussies. I played three or so hours of BlackSite: Area 51 and a chunk of Rumble Roses XX...on the same day.

i wanna b jus like u sumdayyy

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@Sackmanjones: I know they stumble when you shoot near them but I'm damn sure my bullets are connecting! Either that or I'm just a blind fuck.

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South Park: Tenorman's Revenge . Play Mindjack or Facebreaker or Rock of the Dead

It's sites like this that let me know NOT to play games like this. 1 or 2 stars=instant ignore. If any of the games above are 1 or 2 stars, that means I put it in my PS3 for trophies.

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The thread title is not "what is the worst games of this generation". It's "out of the games you played from this gen, which ones were the worst."

Some people obviously didn't read the whole title because they think I speak facts. Thank you for not being one of those people.

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I couldn't agree with you more about Hope. I would strangle that kid to death with my bare-bastard-hands if at all possible.

Let's strangle that (insert any curse you want)!

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@awesomeusername: Hey how do you link the game names to a post? When I click for it on the header it disappears...

Highlight whatever you want to link. Then on the bar above, click link. It's next to image.