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@VisariLoyalist: Thanks for the info! I already added it in the table. Not everyone needs a mic to play so it doesn't matter.

@Devil240Z: Alright, I was hoping it'd be better also but so far, all I know is it sends all your stats to your page. Are you going to leave your PSN and available days?

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@Devil240Z: I'm not a leader for the BF3 GB fan page on Battlelog so I can't accept any of that. Squading up on Battlelog only works for PC so if you want to play with people on PS3, you'll have to add them on PSN.

I have a Playstation Eye so yeah, I have a mic.

Also, if you don't want to add people on PSN permanently, then just add some GB duders temporarily just to play and then delete them so you won't have to fill up your friends list. If you'd want to though, reply with your PSN and what days and time your available so I can put it on the table above.

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I've been wanting one of these threads forever. Thank you! Now I'll finally have people who'll play as a team. PSN: wmaustin55

No problem man! I thought I might as well make an official thread for us PS3 soldiers as I hate playing alone also. Can you also leave the time and days your available so I can put it on the table above?

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I'm sure you guys hate playing Battlefield 3 alone as much as I do so this is why this thread is going up. Make your squads here, tell or show us your crazy moments on the battlefield, and even schedule some times to squad up and bring down some buildings!

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Created by Rolyatckinmai - From the BF3 PC thread

I'm hoping we can get some events going soon and build up a dedicated community to keep this thread going. So when you post a comment, please leave your PSN name and when your available whether it be a Monday night or a whole Saturday so I can put your Giantbomb username on the bracket below along with your PSN ID and the days your available so we can know when to start up some matches with who on said days/time of the day. If you don't want to add people permanently, just add them for that session and then delete them. We can always re-add people.

Giantbomb usernamePSN IDDays/Time available
awesomeusernameanti-altair16Weekdays/nights - Weekends
nohthinknohthinkAnytime after Feb. 12
KirillOrlovCarillWeeknights - Weekends

For this next table, I'll be posting some days we can hopefully squad up, whether it be a normal day or a holiday.

Event nameDate/Time
March 2, 2012-Friday6:30 p.m.

P.S. If anyone would like to contribute photoshopped pictures of any combination of Playstation 3, Battlefield 3, and/or Giantbomb, please send the pictures to me in my inbox and I'll give the credit.

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@Swoxx: Okay. I just didn't want to make one and they end up locking it because they kind of already have one made.

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@Xeiphyer: Accept me on Battlelog! If you haven't. Also, mind telling me how that works? Do we just post a comment on the page asking anyone to play and add each others PSN from there?

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My PSN (or shall I say SEN) is terrible but here it is. anti-altair16 I'm pretty much never busy because I'm waiting to start college and stuff so I can play whenever. Just leave a message saying 'Giantbomb'.

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@TheCreamFilling One vision, one purpose? Like your avatar.(; (can't quote because GB doesn't support iOS!)