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Please add me. I am tired of losing my character to hackers when I have dedicated so many hours to have it wiped in .2 seconds. In game: Jeepers.Sweeperz

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@SSully said:

Delta Force. It was the first game I played consistently online, and it blew my mind the first time I got it running.

Ahh, the days of voxel terrain and 56k gameplay.

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I got to shoot. It was very laggy on my end, but I got some rounds on target. Looking forward to the big shot at 7pm EST.

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These are quite impressive, some of the concepts are just brilliant.  
Congrats to the winners!

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  • Amazon Kindle
  • Kindle Cover and Case
  • Reservoir Dogs framed movie poster
  • Cajon Drum Box
  • Andy Warhol Calender
  • Frapp Maker
  • Sobakawa Pillow
  • Razer Mouse Pad
Not a bad haul- very diverse.
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  1. GB Name : b00tableByte
  2. Preferred Game Type(s) : Sparring, Comp Stomp
  3. Skill Level : Bronze
  4. Name#Code : rayGUN  #183 
  5. Main Race : Zerg
  6. Timezone : -5 GMT
  7. Preferred Voicechat : N/A
  8. Region : NA     
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As you noted the net-code was a travesty with dropped bullets and bugs galore. Honestly, I just could not get enough of this addictive game play. Recon and Medic FTW