Interview: Greg Kasavin on Bastion, Giant Bomb, run animations

So check it: over the past couple weeks, I've been interviewing Greg Kasavin (yes, that Greg Kasavin) about Bastion for Bytejacker, the indie / downloadable games site I write for, and the interview just went up today. It's totally awesome and you should totally read it by clicking here:

There's a lot of rad stuff packed in there, but I thought you guys would be particularly interested in this part: 

You guys are teaming up with Giant Bomb to do a series of unconventional dev diaries called “Building the Bastion.” How did this idea come about, and what makes them special?

The idea came about from brainstorming shortly before Bastion was announced. We agreed that there’s this very interesting side of game development that’s very closely guarded by developers and publicists, that there’s still all this mystery around what it truly takes to make a game, about the trials and tribulations and the fighting and the late nights that go into it. I feel like the best you can do is to read a postmortem on Gamasutra, but postmortems are written with the benefit of hindsight so you don’t get to see people going through the process. At Supergiant we decided we didn’t really have much to hide, that our creative process is pure enough and that we’re hard-working enough that we wouldn’t be embarrassed if people knew how we worked; and likewise that our content is original enough or draws from broad enough sources that we have no fear of giving away too much from a competitive standpoint. Like, there’s no one mechanic that we’re worried some other game is going to implement before we do or anything like that. We decided we wouldn’t go into all the details of the business side since that’s personal and private, and we’re not going to spoil the game’s story prematurely, but apart from those boundaries anything goes.

It helped that Giant Bomb and Supergiant Games have some common ground as independent companies that split off from much larger ones, plus I have a long history with Jeff and the team from our days at GameSpot so we have a lot of built-in rapport. All told, we thought it could make for interesting and entertaining content for people. Rather than just show people our process, we want a big part of it to be a dialogue, so people will have a chance to tell us how we’re doing or ask questions every step of the way. It would be fantastic if through our story helped some people get their start making games of their own.

Sounds awesome! When can we expect to see these?

We should have a next look at the game on Giant Bomb in October I think. Now that people have seen how the game is looking at the moment, I really want to show some of the early prototypes so people can start to get a sense of how these types of projects evolve over time.

So yeah, it seems we can look forward to those dev diaries Jeff and crew teased coming out sometime this month. Get psyched!

Kane & Lynch movie poster at Cannes features Willis and Foxx

Yeah, this is nuts. The "Kane & Lynch" movie is not only happening, it's happening with Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx in the lead roles. To be clear: Willis and Foxx are playing Kane and Lynch, respectively.   

Which is cool, I guess. I mean, sure, Lynch isn't supposed to be black.  And neither actor is immune to bad movies ("Cop Out" and "Valentine's Day" are only a couple months behind us). And no video-game-based film has ever been unironically anything other than really, really bad. 
You know what? Never mind.

Dumb little Bombcast video: "Psycho Mantis in Mass Effect 2"

  Here's a stupid thing I threw together back in January. The recipe went something like this:  

  1. Mix one (1) Bombcast clip with other people's YouTube videos. 
  2. Bang fists on Sony Vegas (as a substitute for actual video-editing skill and know-how) until a video comes out. 
  3. Put up on YouTube and tell no one. Let cool for four months until relevance is fully gone.
  4. Make a blog post about it.
While this obviously can't and won't take off the way my "NEVER." video did, hopefully at least a couple people will get a kick out of it. Bombcast memoriez~