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i voted in the (slim) hope that this would affect what board the crew would play!?!?!

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$175 for dinner in disneyworld....i except to top that price in Feb.

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i have seen most of the "re-booted" series.....i would say start with the beginning of a season and watch till the end of the season (and maybe the x-mas special), then move onto another season. i have spent most of the time bouncing from season to another and i enjoy it. for example if i have seen ahead in the series, seeing how the forthcoming story line is set up is amazing, and if it fills in some "back story" it also is great. i recommend start with the re-booted series (just can't seem to enjoy the old version) pick a season and enjoy, repeat as necessary.

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Seriously though, pathfinder.

i totally agree!!!

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@edgework: thanks a lot for the explains what is happening. :)

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the only problem i find with the nexus 7 is that is a little too sensitive with flipping between landscape and portrait modes...but that is my biggest problem. other then that i use mine on a daily basis (i find checking my email is easier using the nexus then my i will reach for my nexus to check email rather then hit three keys to have my computer do the same thing). as for getting refurb over a new....go new but check for the price for what you want...i got mine from a gamestop...cheaper then the best buy and the gamestop was closer to where i live.

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Victoria, British Columbia canada

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david gemmell - sword in the storm

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right now the last few minutes of the Alt-F1 podcast.

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i would suggest any of the final fantasy games up to FF10, considering that most are turn based already or you can make them turn based by turning on a option or just selecting magic or item or etc that would pause the ATB while you think about what you would like to do. hope this helps and hope that your arm heals up fast and true!!