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4 days playing FF8 and FF: Tactics and that was the first/last time i rented a PS1 for week.

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There's no option for hot-chocolate enema!

i would use a Irish cream coffee enema....i think it would flow better.

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so i got a 3ds over the holidays and got super mario 7 cart, fire emblem and link to the past 2 (the new 3ds thingie) and i leave for a trip out of the country i live in the next 2 days and i was wondering if there is anything else i should get/download before i leave?

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thanks for all info.....i was thinking about getting a 2ds but i am looking at the 3ds new zelda skinned....again thanks again all

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i am currently looking at purchasing a 3ds (and i would get zelda: a link between the worlds right off the bat) and i have a basic rule of spending as much on games as i do on the system (currently looking at a 3ds with zelda between worlds included) and mainly want i am wondering is if there is anything else on 3ds that would be worth getting that would make the system purchase worth it?

btw: i mostly enjoy RPGs, tactical RPGs, some puzzles games.

thanks for all the help from the community

and have great day :)

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@obesio: as a user of this site for the past couple of years.....this community will/has pointed you in the correct direction to explore but otherwise i would say simple find what you like/enjoy of this site of following those bits. sidenote: if you have access to the pathfinder videos.....amazing intro to past/present staff of giantbomb. i hope they do more pathfinder videos.........please!!!.

and most importantly...welcome i hope you have "interesting times" here....i know i have :)

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I know you have heard this a bunch already. Thank you for this, it never fails to bring a smile to me face and laugh a couple of seconds later.

i only hope that Giantbomb staff incorporate this into the new website!!!

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i would pick any non-brown fluid. that would be 'cause caffeine triggers migraine headaches. :(

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santa monica- everclear

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so after listen to that my respect for Jeff has gone even higher (like it wasn't head that directions anyways). it was nice to listen to Jeff talk about games to "layman" and break it down really well. i also like how the host did admit about not knowing too much about games (nice show of professionalism for the radio host.

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