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@bassman2112: I'm sorry, but man your taste is just wrong. Anybody that puts SAO and Elfen Lied above FLCL and NGE is just wrong.

That's the cool thing about subjective opinions man, there is no reason for them to be "wrong." This is why people say anime is for jerks, when you make binary statements like that. Here, just to appease your propensity for internet arguments, here is my reasoning:

NGE was bad. Shinji was a horrible character who did nothing but whine for 24 episodes and a movie. Rei was lame. Asuka was cool. The dad gave Shinji a job, and hooked him up with a rad roommate, and shinji just cried 24/7. It was a boring, frustrating show to watch and I think it was utter shit.

FLCL was worthless. Everyone I talked to hyped it up as the greatest thing ever, but it was unwatchable. A kid that spawns robots from the dicks that grow out of his head? Pretty deep, man. Like I said, The Pillows' music is great, the style is good, but there is zero substance. No story. Nothing.

Elfen Lied has issues, yeah; but I still enjoyed it a ton. The Manga made watching the anime far more enjoyable for me, because it continues the story in a significant way. Like I said about SAO, it was enjoyable 3/5 - not great, but I didn't hate my time with it. I at least felt like both of those shows weren't a waste of my time like NGE and FLCL.

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@mithical said:

Thinking about comedy in anime has me curious though.. do you guys have any recommendations based on humour? Obviously it's pretty subjective but if enough people point things out I'll probably find something that jives with me.

I'd REALLY recommend Steins;Gate. It has humour and silliness, but it also has moments that are genuinely touching and, frankly, emotional.

More on subject with the OP here, though - I used to like Anime a bit in high school; but through University, forced myself away because I wanted to be a good student and shit. This past summer I've caught up and watched SO MUCH ANIME. Here are my thoughts on some series' I went through this summer:

Kill La Kill: Awesome action, funny moments, amazing characters (Ryuko is rad all around), and actually had a really good arc in its last half. I was genuinely surprised. ALSO THE BEST OST IN ANIME. 4/5

Attack On Titan: Really loved the art style. Starts with a bang, and I feel like it carries its pace very well throughout the whole show. Good writing, though sometimes a little melodramatic. Overall really good, worthy of its hype, and I've been reading the manga =D 4/5

Mekakucity Actors: Tries too hard. Rushes through everything because it's a short season. Tries to tell a complicated story in not enough time, and does a poor job doing so. Has some good moments, but overall a letdown. 2/5

Madoka Magica: I watched Madoka knowing absolutely nothing about it going in. If you also know nothing about Madoka, go watch it. Right now. It is in my top 3 series' of all time, and episode 10 is my favourite piece of fiction ever. EVER. 5/5

Higurashi: Heard it was violent, and the opening scene in season one is extremely violent. As it went on, I started off confused; but became more intrigued as the season went on. First season ended really strongly, and I enjoyed it. Watched the second season AND MY MIND WAS BLOWN LIKE IT HAD NEVER BEEN BLOWN BEFORE. Higurashi is legitimately an amazing series, but you NEED to watch season two to really appreciate it. Another show in my top 3. 5/5

FLCL: Hated it. Got 3 episodes in, there was no story, all style with no substance. The Pillows are an awesome band, and the music was good; but horrible series. Never finished it. 1/5

Sword Art Online (And SAO II): It had its moments. I appreciated that it seemed in check with how a game would actually work. I think Season One was okay overall, like a solid 3/5, maybe 4/5. Season 2 is very good so far, going to continue watching it =D

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Never before have I ever been so let down by an overhyped series. It tries to tackle some interesting subjects, but I feel it fails at all of them. 1/5 show. Even watching 'End of Evangelion' didn't make it better for me. Do not recommend.

Elfen Lied: Cool story. Really violent, though. Definitely don't watch around kids or parents. I liked it, they handled PTSD in a really cool way. I'd say 4/5 for the show, and 5/5 for the manga.

Kuroko's Basketball: Don't waste your time. 1/5

No Game No Life: If you liked Kill La Kill, you'll love this show. It's like KLK meets Sword Art. It's funny, smart, and beautiful. There is a ton of fan service, so if boobs bother you then it'll be awkward; but a great show overall. 4/5

Steins;Gate: As I mentioned earlier in this post, fantastic show. I don't want to give any of it away, but I legitimately believe it's one of the best shows I've ever seen. Really, really good. 5/5

Code Geass: Show I'm currently watching. Finished season one and really liked it a lot. Season two is really awesome so far, looking forward to where it's going. So far an easy 5/5

Hope you guys can find some recommendations from this! Anime isn't as evil as people make it out to be. In fact, I feel like it's better than most Western media - they tackle topics that Western stuff is just too shy to talk about. Mental illness, guilt, shame, et cetera.

But yeah, anime is for jerks.

Edit: Oh, also watched Spice And Wolf! What a spectacular little romance that was. I loved it! You also learn a ton about economics along the way. 4/5 if not 5/5 (only thing keeping it from 5/5 is pacing).

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Another responsibility they have is with the gaming industry. I don't feel Brad is being objective. If they keep favoring one console over the other they are contributing to console sales disparity and that is bad for the industry because there is a need of balance so one does not get abusive.

... I think you gravely overestimate the power that the bombcast holds over the industry.

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I hope Brad never sees this, because it's nearly pointless.

Because Brad enjoys one console more than the other does not mean that you have to share his opinion. You're still allowed to like the XBone, and there's no reason anyone should be telling you to think otherwise.

As others have said, the podcast doesn't have to be impartial. If you are annoyed at it, that's your prerogative; but there is no need to try and shame Brad for having an opinion that differs from your own.

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@do_the_manta_ray: I'd be happy to have Brownsfan on as a cocaster as we already know each other =D

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Fantastic! Looking forward to being a part of this tournament both on the admin side and on the player side!

I shall be casting & streaming from here, and shall be playing with the Might Is Magic team =D

Good luck to all =D


For team members, I'll defer that to @fredddi43 =)

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Hey all,

I have encountered a similar request from some people in the Giant Bomb chatroom, and just wanted to put it here in the forums as a formal request.

Would it be possible to remove some of the players from the main Giant Bomb guild who have been inactive for >6 months? If so, then it would be possible to make room for people who have been in the Giant Bomb Overflow guild for just as long, if not longer.

I've personally been in GBO for about a year now, maybe more, and would love to join GB proper.

Thanks a ton!

-Alex (in-game name is Mom's Spaghetti, we've probably played together haha)

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I'm here to offer services in helping organize, casting, and hopefully playing =) (I'm looking at you, @fredddi43, let's make a team =D)

My in-game name is Mom's Spaghetti, and I'm in the Mountain Time Zone.