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Thank you, Patrick. This was extremely well written and, honestly, necessary. We all appreciate the work you guys do, and when one of us falls we're all there to hold the rest up <3

Thanks again, and keep doing what you do best =)

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So some light Googling has told me something about Attack on Titan: Eren can transform into a Titan. That's really stupid, and I gave up the show before it ever reached that plot point. Should I jump back in, or did I make the right decision?

It's a great show, and I think you're doing yourself a disservice by writing it off

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Red Deer, Alberta, Canada =D

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Watching the full VOD was really quite stressful - I can't even imagine what they were going through =(

I hope all the best for them, even though I know they're okay.

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As someone who helped kickstart this, I cannot say I'm happy

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I have about 650 hours now, my favourites totally depend on what I feel like playing.

Killing? PA.

Feeling like a goddamn wizard? Invoker.

Disrupting? Disruptor.

Effing the enemy team during a teamfight? Jakiro.

Being a badass lady? Windrunner.

There are very few heroes I don't like playing =)

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Hey Duders,

I'm heading to GDC this year and wanted to see if any other GB folk were going to be there. I'd love to hang out with some of you during the show! If enough people are heading there, perhaps we can organize a mini-meetup =)

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There are literally no benefits to smoking.

Short term relief of stress is about the only one; but that is superseded by the dependency you'll acquire to constantly seek that out, as well as the fact that your overall health will deteriorate as a direct consequence of starting.

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OP here, 9 months later and with a PS4.

I've experimented with both the Xbox One controller and the DS4, and I believe I have to give the edge to the DS4. I really do enjoy the independent rumbles on the triggers with the Xbox One controller; but, ergonomically, it doesn't feel fantastic to me. The bumpers feel bizarre, and it doesn't fit well in my hands. I wouldn't say it is flimsy, but it feels as though I could bend it with enough effort.

The DS4 is actually a perfect fit. It is stable and comfortable within my hands, and feels sturdy as a rock. My only complaint is actually the light & the battery life (I believe they're correlated). I'd be happier if I could turn the light off, as I find its reflection in my TV a little annoying; but it's no big deal. Its short battery life can be a bit of a bummer, though. Otherwise, everything about it is spectacular. Feel, usability, et cetera.

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Thanks for all the info, Jeff - looking forward to those dumptrucks.

Do you think you'll stream any of the PS4 stuff that you're doing at home?