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This looks pretty fun, I gotta say. Never actually played the original, but I remember seeing screenshots, etc. so I can tell that this remake is a pretty significant overhaul.

30 dollars might be a little steep for me, though. Plus it's only on PS4 at the moment, so I'll have to wait either way.

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I still really like the look of these characters, and the music in that trailer was pretty great. As a fan of Etrian Odyssey, I'm quite looking forward to this game!

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This might be the greatest thumbnail for a video ever.

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Back in my video game-making class in college, the first game I ever programmed was a straight ripoff of Crazy Climber, except I simplified the controls and made the birds planes that dropped bombs. I couldn't tell you what possessed me to do this.

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I worry I'm going to get exhausted from just watching this video.

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I'm really surprised this isn't on iOS / Android at the moment, the UI seems verrrry reminiscent of games on mobile platforms. Maybe it's the Vita influence?

Anyways! Seems like a pretty solid puzzle game (I think the name is super dumb, though). I just bought Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake yesterday after that QL, maybe this will be my next puzzler to delve into.

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FYI, This is cross buy for PS4, PS3 and Vita. And after watching this I need to get it just to solve these the way I feel works best. Haha

I was just about to Google this info, thanks. I agree with what was said in the video that this probably works pretty well on Vita.

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I enjoyed the 'failed' intros of this QL at the start, and I'm always glad to see some more Vinny+Alex content, good stuff.

The game itself impressed me enough that I ended up buying it on Steam; it's fun and (very) cute little puzzle game. I have to agree with Vinny about the writing being very sharp and genuinely funny; at first glance, it seems like something that would be off-putting and too saccharine, but I'm really enjoying it.

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Props to everyone in the comments whose mind immediately drifted to Dexter's Lab, we're all best friends now.

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@beard_of_zeus: Surely we can all co-exist happily in this world where a hotdog can be enjoyed at a campfire just as much as a fine bratwurst on a barbecue.

(I'm enjoying this hot dog conversation way more than some of the other shitty negative crap in this thread)

I have a dream that one dog lovers and bratwurst lovers will be able to sit down together at the picnic table of brotherhood and sisterhood. IS TODAY THAT DAY???

(and yes I am way into the goofiness, it is the VERY SOUL of giant bomb dot com!!!)

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@luck702 said:

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@luck702 said:

People who boil hotdogs deserve to be boiled.

i'll have you know that this comment nearly made me send my fist through the wall. as the hot dog business man, this is one of the most vile and unacceptable comments that i have ever read in my entire life.

ban this person from the site.

You sound like somebody who deserves to be boiled.

Look I've got nothing against a good bonfire hotdog, or bbq'd hotdog, a basic pan-searing, or even a quick microwaved hotdog when you just don't have the time.

But boiling a hotdog is legit, son. Don't even fuck around with this, the hot dog industry as you know it will CRUMBLE. Let it be known however, that sausages do not follow these same rules.

I'm going to take this farther and say that people who eat hot dogs deserve to be eaten...because they are super gross. However! Sausages, bratwursts, kielbasas, etc. are pretty tasty.