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As if this game didn't have enough mechanics now there are manuals and reverts. Oh god. Oh god my thumbs.

That was my thought as well! I feel bad for anyone trying to start with this game (not having played the original), I feel like it would break their brain and thumbs.

I think by the laws of skateboarding games, they are required to add manual and reverts to their sequel, though. And OlliOlli 3 will be open world, of course.

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Man, this is a great quick look. Laughs (and MURRRRDERRRRR) abound!

Unfortunate that this game is so janky and lacking in design, because I think there is a sound concept here.

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Thanks for doing this public service, Drew. Now when I see all the ads for these games in the Metro, I can feel okay about being a little sad.

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There's a lot to unpack in this video! I was crying from laughing so hard by the end at the G.A.P. stuff.

As for the games that I have memories of:

  • Demon Stone was a pretty fun hack-and-slash game, as far as I remember.
  • Second Sight was actually quite good! (glad to see a lot of folks in the comments agree). I remember playing through both that and Psi-Ops around the same time (2004, it would seem) and enjoying both. It is funny how striking Free Radical's art style is, you can look at the main character of Second Sight for 2 seconds and tell that it's the Timesplitters dev.
  • I remember liking Ace Combat 4 and 5 a lot, 4 especially. They sorta lost me with 6 and Assault Horizon, though.
  • Nocturne was the first SMT game I ever played, and ended up sending me down the rabbit hole of that series (Digital Devil Saga, Devil Summoner, etc.) and the Persona games. Once I got past how fucking difficult it was, I found there was a lot to like. Never understood why Dante was in that game though!
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Haven't played through this since it came out on the N64, but I remember loving it. It's uncanny how many of the quests and details Dan went through in this Quick Look that I still remember.

All the changes in this remake seem smart, I would definitely be up for replaying this game a decade and a half later.

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This seems cool - a hybrid of different genres with some really nice presentation and VO. Apparently the console ports seem to have performance issues, which sucks, I was thinking about getting this on PS4.

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When this game was announced, I had the concern mentioned in this review about not being able to look at the TV while playing...I guess that's only needed for multiplayer and maybe if someone else is watching you play. Makes it seem like a bad fit for the Wii U right off the bat...this concept made sense back on the DS.

I was going to pick this up, but Dan makes it seem sorta boring, maybe I'll hold off for a bit. The art style is great, so I still want to play it at some point...maybe during the summer doldrums when (hopefully) I can get a deal on it.

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I'm basically the complete opposite of the Dans (and Jeff) when it comes to drinking. I probably end up having a half-dozen drinks a week, but from having a nice beer every night with my dinner after work, or just in the afternoon on the weekends when hanging with friends or the like (or some nice whiskey here and there). Weird hearing them all being all or nothing when it comes to drinking, I guess they (and many people) don't drink for the taste of it.

Not to say I didn't go a bit crazy in college, but now as an adult, I've been drunk maybe once in the last 3-4 years or so. It doesn't help that my tolerance is through the roof.

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Can't believe how fucking lackluster some of the VO is in this game. And I was laughing my ass off at all that goofy ambient dialogue. Yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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I'm getting strange Two Worlds II vibes. And I strangely enjoyed that weird, broken game.

This was made by the same team, you hit the nail on the head.

Wow holy shit, I made the same association. Can't believe it actually is the same team.

At least Two Worlds II had some interesting side-quests (like figuring out the sexual harasser at that college) and a weird, snarky sense of humor.

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@maxopower: I'm glad to hear someone else is really digging this game, I'm loving it so far. I've completed the Demeter and Hades stuff up to this point. I agree that Hades probably wasn't the most interesting thing to show off in this video, I think the forest of Demeter would have been cooler.

I'm loving how much freedom there is to explore and choose between objectives even from the start; there seems to be a lot of hidden items, shortcuts, vendors, etc. I just went back and finished the secret sidequest to hunt all the legendary animals in the forest, that was cool (especially the rad piece of equipment you get as one of the rewards...). Surprising amount of depth to the game!

The voice acting and characterization of the gods and other characters you meet is also quite good, I'm glad the devs went with a more grounded and true to mythology portrayal (as opposed to, say, God of War's craziness).