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I'll parrot other people's sentiments and say I really wished I owned the console this is on, looks like a ton of fun.

And of course I know who Melvins are! (although I guess I'm an old man who likes old punk music at this point, siiiiiiiiiiigh)

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I think I'm in the same boat as Brad with this game. From the Quick Look / reading reviews today, there seem to be some design / technical issues, but I'm still intrigued for some reason. Also, the letterboxing thing seems crazy. This will probably be something I play in a year or two. (Gotta save my money for Bayonetta 2, anyways...)

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My Wii U purchase months ago in anticipation of this game has paid off! Hurray! ...although admittedly I have had fun playing other Wii U games (and Earthbound!) in the interim :)

Thanks for the clear, concise review, Dan. This sounds like exactly what I was hoping it would be. I still can't believe Nintendo helped finance a Bayonetta sequel, but bless them for doing so.

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Yuck, this is rife with microtransactions. Seems like a bad idea for a game based around creation and sharing to use a monetization model like that. Additionally, the prices for everything seem way too high.

Even separate from that, it just doesn't seem like a fun game.

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I enjoy a few cigars during the summer, and also am not a sociopathic, asshole Lothario. I also do not subject people in my vicinity to it.

Everyone should do what they like and want as long as they don't hurt other people.

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Haha, I did the exact same thing Jeff did where I was playing along with the tutorial and hit 'X' and accidentally quit it. I feel less dumb now.

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Oh man this was perfect. They need to play diplomacy.

C'mon now, we don't want everyone to hate each other's guts forever.

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Dan Ryckert has brought "HOLY CRAP" back into my vernacular.

Personally I've been dropping "hippy dippy shit" in my conversations.

Come back to me when you start calling people a "fancy lad" for anything you'd consider even remotely high brow over the baseline cheapest and lowest-quality products you can find on the market.

Haha, good to know that I'm not the only person who has picked up some Ryckert-isms as of late. Although "hippy dippy" I have used for a while due to this old Rocket From The Crypt song:

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"Horror games love pages" haha

That similarity was the first thing I thought of when Drew started picking up pages. What's up with all these (from my perspective) cookie-cutter indie horror games that seem half-assed (production-wise), and just involve walking around in first-person and collecting stuff / reading documents?

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@royalewifcheese: Great song! We are kindred spirits.

Man, I love Swery; this looks incredible. It's a little thing, but I did a doubletake at the DC Metro farecard--that was an awesome moment of attention to detail.

Yeah, same here, that paper farecard was super detailed and spot-on, it caught me off-guard.

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Man, this "demo disc" really was an elaborate production! The first disc with all the videos and such had me laughing my ass off, especially when Dan and Drew were looking at all the hot PS swag you could order.

The demo of Tiny Tank, of all games, really set off my nostalgia switch. For some reason, I distinctly remember playing through the full game of that back in the day. That totally diesel, "edgy" intro movie I recalled immediately after it started playing. The 90s really were the "attitude era" in many aspects, eh?