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This game is fantastic and a steal at $5. It's pretty lengthy in terms of number of levels, 17 main worlds w/5-8 levels each (if I recall correctly), and a handful of waaay harder post-credits bonus levels. It falls into the Nintendo trap of being a little too easy most of the game, but to its credit, every world introduces a new mechanic, which kept things interesting the whole way through; I never got bored.

On top of that, stylistically it is just so damn charming and pleasant (especially the costumes, although they really start with a showstopper by letting you unlock the rapper first...the bunny ears are a close second favorite for me though). And as Dan pointed out, it is a great handheld game since the levels are so bite-sized.

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Touching the crowns with the boxes does not break them. When you are seeing the crowns disappear, it's because you're going through your allotment of boxes for that level. That's what "remaining" means on the bottom screen. It's how many boxes you can make before the crowns disappear.

Ah, good to know. Can you just make unlimited boxes at any time then? With the only punishment being that you won't get the crown once you go over the limit?

Yes, this is correct.

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@dasakamov: Yeah, definitely noticed some typos / translation issues while playing through this game.

But despite that, I love this game and how well it utilizes the strengths of the Wii U. Even the title of the game and the story setup is pretty great. Playing this in 2 player co-op seems to be the sweet spot, my fiancee and I have been having a lot of fun with it.

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Love the look of this! My only concern is that all the collectibles and notes seem to encourage exploration, but the matches mechanic basically offsets that, as far as I can tell. They seem to be at odds.

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I'm enjoying this game quite a bit. I'm glad they tried to mix things up a bit with the sequel; as noted by many, I think some of the changes work better than others. The bigger levels aren't necessarily inherently negative, but it makes me much more averse to playing recklessly because restarting a floor is a bigger penalty in this game. I preferred the more breakneck nature of the original game to more methodical play.

On the flip side, I'm loving the VHS aesthetic, (seemingly) crazier and more expansive story, and the large array of characters. The Swans (whom I love) feel like a murderous version of the Ice Climbers. And the story with the mobster trying to "get out" is actually sorta sad, he's the one character I've had any sort of empathy for in this universe.

Also, somehow, the soundtrack in this game is even better than the first. It's boggling how good it is.

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This is unexpected, awesome trailer! The New Order was a super welcome surprise last year.

More studios should do small standalone expansions to their games like this (like Far Cry: Blood Dragon was). It seems like an easy way to put out a stopgap product with smaller scope (and maybe a different aesthetic or some other big change) that allows them to reuse some assets, and make some money so they can go on and do more cool bigger stuff (all while giving us consumers a fun new game to play).

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As if this game didn't have enough mechanics now there are manuals and reverts. Oh god. Oh god my thumbs.

That was my thought as well! I feel bad for anyone trying to start with this game (not having played the original), I feel like it would break their brain and thumbs.

I think by the laws of skateboarding games, they are required to add manual and reverts to their sequel, though. And OlliOlli 3 will be open world, of course.

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Man, this is a great quick look. Laughs (and MURRRRDERRRRR) abound!

Unfortunate that this game is so janky and lacking in design, because I think there is a sound concept here.

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Thanks for doing this public service, Drew. Now when I see all the ads for these games in the Metro, I can feel okay about being a little sad.

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There's a lot to unpack in this video! I was crying from laughing so hard by the end at the G.A.P. stuff.

As for the games that I have memories of:

  • Demon Stone was a pretty fun hack-and-slash game, as far as I remember.
  • Second Sight was actually quite good! (glad to see a lot of folks in the comments agree). I remember playing through both that and Psi-Ops around the same time (2004, it would seem) and enjoying both. It is funny how striking Free Radical's art style is, you can look at the main character of Second Sight for 2 seconds and tell that it's the Timesplitters dev.
  • I remember liking Ace Combat 4 and 5 a lot, 4 especially. They sorta lost me with 6 and Assault Horizon, though.
  • Nocturne was the first SMT game I ever played, and ended up sending me down the rabbit hole of that series (Digital Devil Saga, Devil Summoner, etc.) and the Persona games. Once I got past how fucking difficult it was, I found there was a lot to like. Never understood why Dante was in that game though!
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Haven't played through this since it came out on the N64, but I remember loving it. It's uncanny how many of the quests and details Dan went through in this Quick Look that I still remember.

All the changes in this remake seem smart, I would definitely be up for replaying this game a decade and a half later.