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Ive been farming DJ Hunter Helquist for about a week now and i still haven't gotten the level 50 bee. I think I'm gonna go insane soon

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Does anyone know when/if this will be coming to psn?

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Are u on xbox or ps3

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Cheers mate they all worked on ps3 :) if anyone wants 2 play with me, my PSN is Ben1sawsm

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Im level 50, my psn is Ben1sawsm :) add me

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Hey there! If you have a level 50 bee, comment below saying what you will want in return for it. my PSN is Ben1sawsm Also here are some things i will trade for it: -Legendary Hunter class mod -Captain Blade's Otto Idol -Auto correcting fibber -Stiky Hummin Lectrik Mruv ALSO comment if you want additional info on any of these items. Thanks, peace out :)

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Sorry if thats hard to read ):

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Hey im looking for a level 50 bee shield (PS3) I am willing to trade any of the following items for it (I dont have a smartphone so i will just list the stats) -Autocorrecting fibber -Pistol -Blue rarity -Level 50 -Damage: 62094 -Accuacy: 89.3 -Fire rate: 30.0 -Reload speed: 5.9 -Magazine size: 1204 -Description: *Would I Lie to you? (Red text) *+50% love *+3,000% damage *Firing Increases Accuracy -Brand: Hyperion -Elemental: None -Stiky Hummin Lectrik Mruv -Grenade -Purple Rarity -Level 50 -Grenade Damage: 47489 x 7 -Blast Radius: 412 -Fuse Time: 2.3 -Description: *Spawns 7 child grenades *10277 Electrocute Damage per sec. *Breaks into a number of smaller child grenades that explode on impact. Brand: Bandit Elemental: Electricity -Captain Blade's Otto Idol -Relic -Blue rarity -Level 41 (From Captain Scarlett DLC) -Health returned on kill: +6.8% -Description: *Every man for himself. (Red text) *Curse of the Sudden-er Death! (Blue text) *Returns a portion of your health after each kill. -Brand: Eridium -Elemental: None My PSN is: Ben1sawsm