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it sucks that the ouya is ran by morons, but I bought it as a $100 emulator and xbmc box. It's worth it for that to me, too bad the indie gaming side of it isn't going to live up to its promise.

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So sad..

Thank you Ryan Davis for all the laughs you've given me over the years.

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i wonder what kind of shooter they'll make now.

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tengen tetris for the nes

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the best game console with the best, most varied library ever.

I really need to pick one up again to build back up my collection, but brand new slims were going for like $150 with it being discontinued. I can probably find a decent deal on craigslist if I tried.

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@RAMBO604 said:

Why didn't someone from the company just pledge $29 to push them over? It was an arbitrary number.

I've never jumped into kickstarter, but it seems like devs would pay whatever they're short just to get the guaranteed money if they could.

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this took an hour to download, 10 minutes to install, and nothing was immediately apparent as to what the hell it even did. The OS is still slow as shit and I never did have problems with lock ups.

Amazing. Nintendo making me appreciate Xbox Live every day the console is out.

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no fair to the xbox people that hyped the game up. This game was even already released on the ps3, just not in the US.

I'd jump on a director's cut day one, but i'm guessing there wont be a 360 version.

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I just found that it will let me skip ahead when I select auto in the Go menu thing in the corner.

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I'm having the same problem, which wasn't present last night when I was watching the Brad Doom stuff. It happens in IE and Chrome.

It's an awful video player when the site has a lot of videos that are an hour or two long.