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II have a similar issue when using beyond pod for video feeds. It says that the link is bad... I'm assuming that's because it's not a direct link to an XML file but I don't know for sure.

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@Emiel: yes

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@Dany: The point is that the downloads stop after the first the DL attempts connect to the server. Then the rest of them error as shown in the screenshot.

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I can't get iTunes to download more then 3 files off the new subscriber feeds at a time. It requires that I restart the program to authenticate again, before it will continue. But even after that I still can only download 2-3 at a time before it stops and gives a 404 error. Anyway screenshot below, thx.

I'm assuming this is just a dumb iTunes thing. Hopefully this is something you guys would have control over, going to apple support for this would suck even more then this does, I feel for the IT guy who has to make the call. (whether it's one of you guys, or me lol.)

Edit: Downloads stop after the first the DL attempts connect to the server. Then the rest of them error as shown in the screenshot.

I swear I checked for duplicate posts but it seems that this may be related to some of your authentication system judging by this thread:

But I am able to authenticate so I don't think it's exactly the same problem don't shoot me for making a new topic /)_< my bad.

After testing different settings in my iTunes to make sure I wasn't doing something dumb I found that it may just be timing out if an open connection waits for more then about 1 or 2 minutes, then after that it will stop and give the 404 error, but since these videos are pretty large it definitely causes a problem.

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I tried my hand at this the other day... but what looked awesome in the editor looked hideous on the station with that lighting.... Maybe I just suck with the editor but I was definitely saddened when I loaded in to the captain quarters.

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Hey everybody,

So i'm going out to san fran for about a week at the end of july. I've never been there so I'm looking for something to do while I'm out. Any suggestions?

I'm pretty much down for anything, I'm a musician so I'm cool with going to see bands and stuff in the area. Anything you guys got I wanna hear. :D thanks

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Ah, I'm sad that they sold out so fast. didn't even have a chance to see it before it was sold out. hope they do a rerun

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Ah I can definitely see that. That would make sense, but I hope they can work it out some how. I do like seeing my standing with the rest of the Community even if my score is super low cause I don't own an xbox. 

It's a cool idea though.
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So does the giantbomb achievement system include windows live achievements? They don't seem to be showing mine so i assume no... but wouldn't it be included with the rest of your xbox live achievements?

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@Chumm said:
" Looks like that Kaz quote wasn't transcribed right, got a "we we", shoudl be ". We" I think "
so all this time kaz was french! holy shit.