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This maze puzzle is like watching fucking Sisyphus.

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I couldn't help but binge watch the entire second season. It was absolutely unrelenting from beginning to end. And that final scene! I find it somewhat scary how much I was rooting for the Underwoods throughout the entire season. The show does a fantastic job of making you root for the bad guy - even more so than Breaking Bad, in my opinion.

And now we play the waiting game until season three.

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Patrick is the shit. Can he sometimes say some dumb stuff? Sure. But so has Jeff and every other member of the crew. For whatever reason everything Patrick says is put under a microscope. Plus - Yo. At the end of the day this is all about video games. Chill the fuck out and learn to ignore whatever you dislike.

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I love you.

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What a fucking piece of shit.

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Such a bummer.

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Does Wes Welker's presence make any team he plays on choke in the Super Bowl?

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Awesome job. Now you have to make a Rorie skin to put an end to Kleptok's pug hating.

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The expansion is too bright.

I just laughed reading that. Man, those complaints were hilarious.