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It definitely gets tiring, but that's why I don't play games that require voice chat unless I'm playing with friends.

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Yeah, the whole "...and it's going to be OPEN WORLD." Has been a bit overdone in the past few years. You know what did their open world really well, so it could be played as a tight linear game? Tomb Raider. I never went after any collectibles or backtracked and I remember very little retreading through the same areas or traveling through vast useless empty spaces. This probably sounds hypocritical since The Elder Scrolls games are some of my favourites but in terms of recent open world fatigue caused by every company jumping on that bandwagon I'm glad the Tomb Raider team is doing it right.

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Nintendo is the obvious choice but Sony leading the charge on CD's, DVD's and Blue-Rays on their consoles could be considered quite risky. Other than that they tend to play things conservatively on the hardware front. Microsoft had pretty big gambles with putting so much emphasis on online infrastructure and then Kinect. But yeah, Nintendo began as a risky venture wading into a damaged console market, then coming out with both the DS and the Wii in succession.

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Wait, people are complaining about this game's linearity? It's designed to be linear. It's gameplay loop works in a linear setting.

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@whitegreyblack: Yeah that put me in a melancholy mood. Growing old is hard.

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When I was young I didn't have as much of a barometer for what was good and what was bad. As an example, I remember liking both Mario is Missing and Battleship for the SNES, and I'm pretty sure that the critical consensus for those games is poor.

More in line with the actual topic, if I'm playing a game I don't like I stop playing. Games are way too much of a time investment to stick with something I don't like. I sometimes don't finish movies I don't find interesting and those are only around two hours tops!

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Woah, really? That's big. RIP to one of the biggest players in early home computing.

Computing in general is so young that almost all of the pioneers and heroes of gaming are still with us. This is pretty much the very beginning of starting to see those people pass away from natural causes isn't it? I've thought about it before and it feels weird.

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This looks nice! You've thought through the concept well, including the little details. Well done!

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Turn based RPG's may not be on the technological forefront, or on the main stages of E3 events anymore, but as the above comment said they're not gone and there's actually quite a number of them coming out. I actually like the chess-like strategic play-style of turn based games as opposed to active-time Japanese RPG's but we're getting both every year.

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Don't think too much about it. Any time the word free could possibly be used to describe something, no matter how weak that connection may be, it will be used.

I'm sure you already know that but what I'm trying to say is that these companies are probably not putting in the word "free" to differentiate from past paid demos, but simply to entice more people to download demos in service of driving sales. If the word free is new in regards to game demos then I'm honestly surprised it took companies this long to start using it.