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@video_game_king: I disagree with your assertion that basic respect neuters discussion. Basic respect is the difference between constructive conversations on these forums versus conversations that never get anywhere due to bickering and personal attacks.

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@sanj: The transition you mentioned is tough for people to do without having it laid before their eyes, since we (as a community) have sort of had that opinion shift with more than one guest on GB who was previously spoken about disparagingly by many on the forum. Blow is one who I remember people painting as "uppity" and "superior" until he got in extended contact with the community through his appearance on last years E3 panels where many shifted to seeing him as intelligent and insightful.

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@nightriff: I think your wording "accept the consequences" are very connected to a point made in that video. Phil is just living his normal life, yet the "consequences" for sharing his opinion on the internet at this point are entirely different than what you would experience.

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That final point was badass. What a way to sum up a video.

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I don't visit Polygon much so I don't really get the hate. Most of the exposure I have is through Patrick's Worth Reading where some amazing long form articles gave me stories about the game industry I can't get anywhere else. Too bad it seems that stuff is going away from what I'm reading in these comments.

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Sad, I was just watching the ESPN 30 for 30 about athletes who go broke and thearger financial problems that pros face, and his name came up in the credits as examples of famous athletes that went broke.

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I care about games more than I care about companies.

I don't mean that I don't care about the people making games. I don't care about companies as brands. I definitely have expectations for certain companies based on their previous track records but my interest level for a game isn't raised or lowered appreciably when I hear about the Dev or pub behind it. Interestingly I am the exact opposite when it comes to movies.

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Good get for Double Fine I suppose. I'll get to play this game anyway so it's all good.

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@jarmahead: I don't think your example is very good, to be honest. The difference in numbers sold between Oblivion and Skyrim is so incredibly vast (seriously, look up the difference) that it works against your theory. Releasing their big game later in the console cycle resulted in being the largest selling Elder Scrolls game by a huge margin. In fact, I think Skyrim has sold more copies than all the other Elder Scrolls games combined.

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It would be down to the game, the Crash IP isn't enough of a draw to be a sell on its own.