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@Jams said:

man I really need to trim my mustache. It's grown over my upper lip completely and I just end up chewing on it.... maybe I'll do that later....

Don't! You're getting one of the greatest gifts a man can attain. A handlebar mustache! I have harnessed the power of this mighty beast with my facial fists of hair and let me tell you from atop of Man Mountain "The view is great!"

On a related note.

Scissors and a comb.

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@Worcanna said:

Hey....Nvidia. Um. We need to talk. We know you like to show off and some of your ideas are kinda cool. A handheld streaming device is not cool. As silly as this sounds, if people WANT to play PC games at other points of their house, they would put the PC there. No room? They tend to find ways.

Im kinda glad im not the only one who looks at this and simply goes, "Why?"

Why not?

There are three major console game console developing companies who have been around way longer than they should have by now and I'm bored of it. So why the hell not? Let's have Nvidia come out of left field (at least for me) with this quirky little device. More companies taking risks on ideas means we profit in the long run.

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I like Jeff's response when someone halted the conversation about spoilers and it was something the extent of "fuck off."

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They are never held to a strict schedule for anything.

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You're hella late. No TnT cus they are filming stuff for Game of the Year.

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I like my little bit of internet, Giantbomb and it's community, to exist outside of the internet and away from everyone else. I know this is an impossible task but I could give two shits about some other website. The Bombers know they are already awesome because of their evident passions for video games and tomfoolery. In my mind it doesn't need to be validated by any sort of competition.

In fact mentioning Giantbomb in comparison to any other website is a insult. There is only the Giantbomb, now comply.

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As mentioned multiple times before consult the medical professionals.

But here is something relatively simple to do:

Eat healthy, workout, and meditate!


The renewed sense of mental clarity/balance and overall energy has skyrocketed after a mere month. Just dropping soda/candy sugar I lost 20 lbs in under 3 weeks and started to notice changes in my physique and mind.

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@HistoryInRust: I like the cut of your jib. Thank you for that.

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As long as everyone on the cast has played the game in question I would love for them to talk about spoilers much more frequently. I feel if they waited to discuss it because the game was new and they didn't want to spoil it for the audience listening to it, I would have qualms with that.

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@Grimhild said:


says he gets a weird sound looping bug after installing it. The amount of modifications it makes to .dll files makes me nervous too, even though that's most likely irrational paranoia. And also the last time I saw the GB Mumble server brought up, there was some weird schoolyard drama about who owned it and such and such. So I just left that idea alone.

He and some other friends of mine tend to use Skype most the time for gaming.

Yea, Hunter, Joneseh, Lightning, IrishEvo, and I are always in Skype together when we play. I use the outfit voip every once in and while though.

I'm all for having better communication, but that many people with open mic in a call is going to get REALLY noisy. Not to mention that I constantly have the Command channel with all the other outfit leaders talking in my ear while I'm playing, which is helpful and surprisingly consistent, given how lacking the squad VoiP can be. But that in addition to a Skype call with 12+ open mic Duders might be a bit much for me unless everyone can exhibit a little radio discipline when shit gets real, which I wouldn't expect or want to restrain you guys with, since everyone has their own idea of how to benefit from voice chat.

I guess it's worth a try, though.

I hear ya. It's probably for the best then to restrain it because I'll be reciting Jack Burton monologues from Big Trouble in Little China while driving anything.