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@buzz_clik said:

"Popularity leads to surgery. "

Thank you for making my day.
As for the rest of this thread:

" Waitaminute, are you telling me that a Japanese video game male character looks androgynous?  Damn. "

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So, the official Catherine-twitter just announced that there will be a series of podcasts concerning Catherine, at a quick glance it looks like discussions and interviews, that will go on during the coming four months, they don't say how often they will put out new episodes though. First one is available here, if you can understand it... 
I would like to try and translate it, though I'm pretty stressed out with everything and have very little free time, so I'm not sure when I will be able to, but there are other capable listeners here I'm sure.
In the meantime, listen to the charming voices!

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Congratulations cide, pretty sure noone was surprised there!
Looking forward to next one, might actually have some time to play instead of sitting around feeling bad over my studies...
Still, it felt great to get a little push in the direction of games that slipped into ones backlog...

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Damn, you started early, I wanted to jump on this the moment...
But still a good initiative, this'll be my third time, but the last one feels like ages ago!
Well, technically, but if I remember correctly it was pretty obvious that they "cheated" several times, no? :P

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Congratulations, both of you! This will become interesting...

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My money and hopes are on Strife. Good to hear that they are coming back, regardless, though!

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Krogans. Definitely. Even with their comparatively short exposure, I feel that the Krogan culture has been dealt with more personality, if that makes any sense. Klingons had a good start, albeit a rough one, but ever since, (i.e. the more they expand on them), things have been going downwards...

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@FluxWaveZ: Definitely not news, but definitely worth celebrating! 
EDIT: Also, forgot the reason I was going to post here: @somejerk Thank you for that!
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I have 30 physical games that I have bought for my current-gen consoles, but I don't think I regret any of them. I know some good (usually internet-based) shops where you can make great bargains on games (I never buy used by the way), as long as you can stand to wait around two to three weeks. The price usually drops really quickly, I think I've only paid "full-price" for... Maybe three of them? Four perhaps.
...Anyway, what I do regret sometimes is several of my purchases on the Xbox marketplace. Sometimes I buy stuff rashly there, and other times (most common) I finally decide on buying a specific game, and the next week that game is the deal of the week, or something like that :P

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Middle and Southern Sweden is quite hitch-hiking-friendly, in my experience. I've only tried it in Sweden, Britain and the Netherlands, but I have only good experiences (as far as I can remember).
I wouldn't mind resorting to it for a longer trip, but like others have said, might not be best as your only option, regardless of people's fears, it will probably be extremely time-consuming...
...But also: Fun!