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This is one of those games that sounds good, but in motion I'm not so sure. I might have to play it to accurately gauge it... I do have some hopes though. I also feel obligated to put some cash to this in the hopes that other developers will realize that 2D games aren't dead, nor should they be.

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Why can't they just be honest?

"We moved it to 2010 so we wouldn't have to compete with Modern Warfare 2"

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The city of Richfuckingland amuses me. :-)

Also, making posts way after the original topic is awesome.

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I wish my name was Geese Howard

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I used to suffer from this affliction pretty badly, but as I put on the years and had to start buying the hardware myself, I don't let it get to me. I play games to have fun, so as soon as a game starts to even hint at the potential of not-fun frustration, I shut it off and don't touch it for a few days.

Some frustration is good frustration and if the game is fun, you battle through it without getting too angry. But some games just put you up against too much, laugh in your face, punch you in the gut, and tip over your juice box. When I play the latter, I just take a deep breath and shut it off. There are better things to do with your time than get pissed at a video game. Plus, when you cool off and come back to it, more often than not you are able to push through to the next section.

It's weird how that works.

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Oh I'm so nervous! Am I doing this right?

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::contorts his body in new and interesting ways::

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Why not just buy a real skateboard and go out into the real world?

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::raises a glass:: Cheers brothers. It is upon us!

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Entries like this (and the garbage cans) are the reason that I love Giantbomb.