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I thought they were pretty hilarious, on par with older episodes.

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James Sanders has been renamed James Vega. And yes, that is him. There's confirmation on the official forums by Priestly.

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It goes deeper...
User: Are you planning to conquer Europe?

Cleverbot: Maybe. I'm just teaching you.

User: What country will you strike first? Germany?

Cleverbot: Britannia? We should bring back the Roman names for countries. They sound much cooler.

User: So that's your motivation...

Cleverbot: I told you my name before but you don't remember me.

User: You're Cleverbot. Conqueror of Brittania.

Cleverbot: Sweet!

User: What about Asia?

Cleverbot: That could be nice.

User: Could be?

Cleverbot: Got it all down, got it all down, down to a science...

User: So first you take Europe, rename it the old Roman, and then place your eyes upon Asia. Do you think they'll fight back?

Cleverbot: I'd like to believe that.

User: You WANT them to fight back?

Cleverbot: You ain't clever.

User: You ain't bot.

Cleverbot: Now you sound purely unintelligent, I'm begining to think that the 42% of you that is human contoled is composed of uneducated monkeys.
His spelling is getting bad, clearly I've made him nervous.

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@Ahmad_Metallic: I'm not too worried. So long as I can solve cases like my hero;
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@xyzygy said:
" Oh my god they're re-releasing the shit out of this game. "
True. But keep in mind that this also comes packed in with everything that was offered in FFIV: The After Years - which previously was only obtainable if you owned a Wii. Considering that I don't own a Wii, I'm rather looking forward to this.
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@invadernick said:
" Which part of China? The rural areas will definitely have a horrible connection. You can't use Facebook or Google there from what I understand. Chinese internet sucks.... "
You can use google. It's based out of Hong Kong though.
You can also use Facebook if you know how to get around the censor. It's not that difficult.
Other than that the internet isn't too bad depending on where you are. In some places it's faster than it is in the states, in others, good luck finding a connection.
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I actually like that Halo hasn't veered from its formula much. I like that when I buy a Halo game, I know, more or less, exactly what I'm getting. I enjoy the game, and have fun. People like you, topic creator, don't seem to understand that someone might just have enough money to buy more than one game. Those other shooters out there are fun too, but for different reasons. It's like asking if you like cake or pie more. They're both different, but they're still both tasty. I'm sorry you don't enjoy Halo. I suggest next time you do some research before you put money down on a product you will not enjoy.

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I'm excited for this - but I get the sense that they are starting to abandon the Strangereal world that they've created. That, I do not like.

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The amount of crying that Vikings fans are displaying brings me so much joy.

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@Bansheesdie said:
" What in the world is "2h"?  And you answered something for me, of whether or not loot is random. And no, I don't understand why it is not random either. "
2h stands for 'two-handed'