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Fuck.. just fuck. This made me tear up in the middle of work. Gonna miss Ryan like crazy.

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Count me in for all 3 (mp, spartan ops, campaign)

GT: cleanitupjohny

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(Source: Gamespot)


This is the ViDoc from PAX this year, talking about motion capture and voice over mainly.

I have a question that is sort of hard to answer... Who do you think has done a better job on ViDOCS?? Bungie or 343?

It's hard to seperate from the fact that 343's are newer, but in your opinion who did (or has done) a better overall job and why?

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@SamStrife: I'm not running anything like that, but it's a good thought.

@jesterroyal: Good idea. I'll give it a shot and see what happens.

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Yep I tried with the normal drivers, even did a clean install of the normal drivers prior to trying the beta ones. It's a little frustrating to say the least.

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Hey all, I decided to bring my problem here (since response from the gw2 suppport team is... ummm... slow) in hopes of someone maybe having a solution.

When I click play from the game launcher, my monitor flickers about five or six times and then the game crashes. It never loads anything, it's just gone. I've done a clean reinstall on my drivers ( I have a geforce 560) and also tried some beta drivers recommended by the gw site. I've tried a repair shortcut and update shortcut, both with no luck, and then resorted to a complete reinstall and gotten nowhere.

Any ideas or theories on what this could possibly be? I'm not the most advanced PC user so it's possible i'm missing something simple.

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welcome to 5 weeks ago

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i love the mass effectz!!!