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There are so many games I love, it's hard to choose just one.  
I guess: Grandia. 

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That's an interesting point, I've never really thought about that. 
They probably think it will help the games sell better, at least in the West, and maybe in Asia too just. Maybe they think the game design will appeal to more people in the West. I don't think either of those things are true, but its all I can think of.

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That's tough: you're allowed to crash extra hard this weekend.  
I feel like people work too much these days.
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I'm pretty busy this weekend, but if I get a chance I'll play Morrowind.

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Nah. There's nothing serious to fight over for now.
There seem to be more crazys out there lately. I wouldn't discount home grown terrorist acts against the government. 

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I tuned in for a while and thought it was awesome. 
 I didn't realize it was a member exclusive (I just signed up to be able to download the Endurance Runs :-P )

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It depends on where you are from in Canada, but you can hear it.  
I was able to guess my last boss was Canadian before she told me based on a slight accent. 

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The MGS codec beep: Classic.

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It's top secret that Party in the USA is on my iPod.

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@kingclaw said:
" @TheJohn said:
" @DXmagma:  Neither. It's a website. About video games. "
a videogame website? "
It's Agent Dale Cooper. 
Now I'm going to have to change my avatar. :-P