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At least GB put the spoiler in the article, if you don't want to know about AC, then don't read about it.

Kotaku on the other hand, are buttholes. Sure, it's just a plot hook, but they removed any choice in the matter, would've been nice to be surprised.

I am on the Mobile site and saw no such warning. I was hoping for a general impression and I am quite disappointed that was included or at least not heavily marked out as a spoiler.
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This is the coolest of stories.


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I still fucking love that they turned it into a first person shooter for console BEASTS!

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Don't buy a racing wheel.

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On the mobile version of the site it seems to show the first comments rather than the latest i wonder if there is a way to go back to my usual setting?

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You guys are all thinking about games with way to high a barrier to entry to most of the staff, and most FPS are out of the question as most of the staff are familiar with that format and it doesn't really work in that format. I think battle tetris could be a good scrub league or maybe a new smash brothers when it comes out, fighting games seem like the easiest fit. Gears of War could have maybe worked in a wingman format with teams of two?

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Metacritic needs to ban Jim Sterling/destructoid reviews if they really wanted to be helpful.

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@Hizang said:

Whiskey Media is a family of websites that covers Video games, technology, comics, movies and anime.

Its what I use when trying to explain it to others.

Pretty much what I say except I obviously don't mention anime and I usually add dumb in there.

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If they come anywhere in the UK. Anywhere. I am there for sure.