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I used to do it but as I've grown older and got more stuff to keep track off I just don't have the time to waste anymore

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For diversity really. I get to play as a male character in tons of games so when i get the option to pick i usually go for something different than what i'm playing the most at the time.

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Totally cool with them including Marie. I really don't feel any stronger feelings about her so she wont bother me at all and i'm not going to cheer for her being there. Just interested in seeing how well my style mesh with her skills

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It's sitting at exactly 70 games right now. Granted a great deal of the titles are games that i've not played or got through some humble bundle

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I'm so excited ro this and even though i so don't think it will be as good as Season 1 at all i still carry this massive excitement.

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You own 63 games worth: $1,251.37 USD

The amount of games i own has only really grown over the last 2 years or so. Before that i pretty much never used steam at all and now it's the go to place for me since i gota decent collection there

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Absolutely loved it! So well done and everyone totally "fit" with their hardware

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What a mess really.. I'm no fan of Fish and i don't really like his personality but honestly none win with this.. Will miss his game design!

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Pretty much both the console people and the PC people have been asshats for a while about a wide variety of stuff and reasons. I've stop getting bothered about it, asshats are going to exist and they're not going to go silent any time soon. It sucks that Bungie don't want to develop Destiny on PC but that's their choice. Just as it's my choice to not buy it due to the same reason. The quote was perhaps not the best thing ever said though so not suprised a lot of people got really angry

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For most of the time i do play stealth with bow&arrow but sometimes i just feel that i want to go in and cause havoc and don't care about the alarms or anything.

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