CrazyRah's top 10 games of 2013 and MORE!

To start it of i'd like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a fantastic new year! I hope 2014 will be a good year for everyone! In terms of games 2013 will be a year to remember as the old generation finally saw its successors arrive and that we got the chance to play tons and tons of great games!

The anticipated

The games i looked forward to the most this year was the following:

1. GTA: V

2. Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

3. Tomb Raider

4. Total War: Rome 2

5. Bioshock: Infinite

What game lived up the anticipation the best?

GTA: V: (2nd) - Grand Theft Auto: V had everything that i've come to love and want in a GTA game. There was a world that i had unlimited fun in exploring and doing whatever i wanted to do. There were also some pretty great cards with a much improved driving mechanic from previous installments. Can't forget the fairly good characters that were excelled by Trevor and his crazy antics. In addition to a enjoyable story this game ended up being well worth the purchase!

The largest disappointment

Total War: Rome 2 - This year had two main contenders for largest disappointment this year. SimCity and Rome 2.. And i'm going with Rome 2 on the basis that i absolutely adore the orignal Rome and had been looking forward to this title for far longer than i ever did the mistake of looking forward to SimCity. This game is the very essence of disappointment. Awful AI, awful performance, awful game design, awful EVERYTHING. I've been disappointed before but i don't think any title has made me give up in disgust as easily as Rome 2 managed. I've not even been able to look at the title without shake my head in disgust at what was released. Really awful practice by Creative Assembly. They just took the most beloved part of their franchise and messed it up so bad that it's hard to understand. Whatever they do next i hope they do a far better job, but i will not be there at start wanting to even know of their games existance. I'll be patient and wait for it to show its true self.

Place 10-8

10. Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm - The singleplayer is for me about as enjoyable as Wings of Liberty was however Kerrigan did make it memorable despite all the flaws. The multiplayer got a much needed shot in the arm and is now more lively than ever.

9. Saints Row: IV - I was hesitant at first with the addition of superpowers and the game moving further away from being a gangster game but i had quite a bit fun with the game. It got plenty of flaws but it had some cheeky humour that made me chuckle more than once.

8. Bioshock: Infinite - An excellent storyline that made us spend time with Booker and Elizabeth and they really did an amazing job of making the game stand on its own legs. The beautiful vistas added to this but the flaw of this game was the gunplay and it drag the otherwise excellent title down a lot with me. Still well done!

The unexpected

Beyond: Two Souls (4th) - Everything tell me i shouldn't like this title as much as i do. But yet i do like this interactive movie. This was a title that came completely out of the blue and suprised me entierly. I had no expectation at all on seeing this title on this blog at all but yet it is. It's a beautiful game and the protagonist of Jodie Holmes, voice by Ellen Page take her apperance from the same lady. The interactions in the game is sometimes quite fun and sometiems a bit of a drag. What i can say safely is that i absolutely loved being Aiden and set fear into people without them being able to even know i was there. Perhaps it's the big brother part of me that really liked protecting someone? Still can't say why it's here and that's proof enough that it is my unexpected of this year.

Place 7-5

7. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft - A card game that absolutely fit like a glove for me. I was already invested in Warcraft since long and an easy to understand and easy to get into game made this storm right into my life and it's been growing stronger as each day pass. Great experience!

6. Europa Universalis: IV - Crusader Kings 2 made me a believe in this time of game and EU4 did not disappoint at all, on the contrary it excelled above of what i had expected of it and i spent a great amount of time playing this game during the year. The very different aspects of the game really make each game a bit unique and i've never had two games that has taken the same route.

5. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - AC3 made me hesitant to get this title but after seeing and hearing about the greatness of the piracy i took the bet and it really payed of. I loved being the captain of my own ship in AC3 and Black Flag took it to another level and i've never been able to live out the pirate in me like i did with this game. Really impressive game by Ubisoft!

Best Soundtrack

Bioshock: Infinite (8th) - This game did everything right with its soundtrack. Full to the brim with tracks that all can stand well with any track from any game this year and yet the very best tracks of this game are so good that i've been listening to them for hours to end more than once. "Will the Circle be Unbroken" is a personal favourite and damn is it magnificent. I will remember Infinite first and foremost for its soundtrack! Other games had a few good tracks but none had the depth of Infinite and that's why it's my chocie for Best Soundtrack this year

Places 4-2

4. Beyond: Two Souls - The game i shouldn't like as much as i do yet it's up here fighting with all these great games. Jodie and Aiden is what i'll take with me from this game. Can't forget that there'll always be a title that will suprise me greatly and this year had Beyond.

3. Tomb Raider - A really beautiful game that had some pretty fantastic enviroments. The game really did well on right about everything and made me invested in the Tomb Raider franchise like never before. It was good to see Laura again and this time very early in her story. Can't wait for more to come!

2. GTA: V - A fantastic comeback from Rockstar with me after the very weak GTA: IV. A far more interesting setting and better characters and generally better everything. The driving recived such improvements that it was truly a blast to just cruise around in whatever car i could get my hands on. Racing down the highway in a sports car caused thrills that is hard to get anywhere else.

Character of the Year

Ellie - This wonderful girl is carrying on a proud tradtion after last years winner Clementine. Ellie is a blast to spend time with and hearing her curse and fight in a world that is not doing well at all made her grow on me. She became someone that i cared about and was ready to tear the world apart to save and that's a feat that isn't easily done. The section where i'm allowed to play as her is probably my favorite part of the game because the story she end up in really make her character grow and reach some absolutely magnificent levels of awesome. I got so many great memories of this wonderful and badass girl. I just can't stop chuckling at the part where she open a magazine that's not intended for her and she just make Last of Us shine even stronger with her existance.

Game of the year

The Last of Us (1st) - My game of the year goes to the absolutely brilliant game from Naughty Dog! This title brought the utterly fantastic chemistry between the two characters Ellie and Joel to such levels that i didn't want the game to end. I wanted more time with them and their struggle in a world that's gone to hell. The story is fantastic and perfect for the game that was delivered. The game isn't perfect but it do so well in millions of areas that the flaws almost become forgotten beneth all that's done right. This title really deserve all the praise it has gotten and i will not forget it anytime soon. It left a mark on me that i cherish greatly and i'm really glad that Naughty Dog made this game. Thank you! Last of Us is for me the best exclusive title of this generation and i'm happy that it came when it did and made 2013 a year full of excellent titles.

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CrazyRah's top 10 games of 2012 and more!

First of i'd like to wish everyone a merry christmas and a happy new year. Hope that 2013 will be as awesome as it possbily can be! For me personally 2012 have been a very special year with all the dissappointments but also some very unexpected pieces of awesome and i can't wait to see what 2013 will bring to the table. So far 2013 is full of titles that i'm keeping an eye at, maybe it can even triumph over the last few years. The layout of this blog i got from PhatSeeJay

The Anticipated

So what games did i look forward to the most this year?

  1. Mass Effect 3
  2. Assassin's Creed 3
  3. Diablo 3
  4. Hitman: Absolution
  5. Max Payne 3

What game lived up to my anticipation the best?

Mass Effect 3 (6th) - Let me start off with saying that we all have our own opinions about the game, the endings and so much more. I personally got huge issues with the endings and some other things but when i look back to what the game delivered i got to admit it lived up to my anticipation the best. I got a few wishes, l wish that i hadn't played ME3 before the Extended Cut was released, perhaps even Leviathan. It would've made a lot of difference.

The game got one real saving grace and that's the FemShep initiative. I was deeply involved with what happened and the addition the new "default" Jane was huge, as was the first FemShep trailer which i'll always appreciate!

The largest disappointment

Diablo 3 - I really enjoyed Diablo 2 and it was with great anticipation i looked forward to Diablo 3 but instead of building on what already existed with the franchise it feel like Diablo 3 went so wrong! The forced online, even if you play singleplayer you're forced to always be online! That alone is just too much! Not to speak of the just awful connection at the start..

To the game itself, the fighting wasn't bad but it just didn't feel as much fun as the previous installments did. The story in the game is just rubbish and i completed the game once on singleplayer but got bored when i re-did it on multiplayer. Both me and my friend was just not interested anymore. Sadly the game just didn't deliver at all and it's my largest disappointment of 2012.

Place 10 - 8

10. Hitman: Absolution - I did enjoy the new direction of Hitman quite a bit. Not as grande as the previous games but i did have a lot of fun regardless

09. Transformers: Fall of Cybertron - Some really excellent gameplay and i've never been so interested in the Transformer universe as i was when i played it

08. FTL: Faster Than Light - This game got me so engaged with the prospect of commanding my own ship with my own crew. Spent countless of hours with it!

The unexpected

Spec Ops: The Line - It started of with me hearing some of my friends talking about a shooter that had a really deep story. Could this really be true? I bought the game and played it for myself and there's just no way i could've been expecting it to hit me like this. Spec Ops decided to show me just how horrible war can be and after the epilogue i felt like a really bad human being and i was a bit disgusted with what i'd done. No game ever before managed to make me despise my actions like the way Spec Ops did. The story took my attention unlike any other shooter and it returned it to me when it thought i might've understood some really horrible stuff. I can't say how unexpected this title was for me and i'm so very happy that i took time to play it

Not to mention that the graphics and the characters in the game is really solid and just evolve the title a bit further. Dubai is really a terrifying place in this game

Place 7 - 5

07. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - The excitment of earning a headshot with a javelin or chooping of a head is amazing. This title is a good time sink

06. Mass Effect 3 - I might hate the endings but it was still a good ride and the game got the Tuchanka arc which is some of the best story ever told

05. Journey - This game blew me away completely. I still miss that friend that sadly got taken away from me by an evil dragon

Best soundtrack

Mass Effect 3 - If there's one part where this game excelled at then it's the soundtrack. The soundtracks that we got from this game is almost all of them remarkable and worth remebering. My personal favorite is "Stand Strong Stand Together" but "I'm Proud of you" and "I'm Sorry" all grab me and make me look at Mass Effect 3 with pleasant memories. I will keep listening to these tracks long after i've quit playing any Mass Effect game.

Journey is a close second here, the soundtracks in that game is beyond what most games are even close to reach. If you can't play the game then at least lend some time to listen to some really amazing soundtracks

Place 4 - 2

04. Spec Ops: The Line - This game showed that shooters can have really deep story and they aren't all just something Hollywood spit out on an afternoon

03. XCOM: Enemy Unknown - I've never cared more about any soldiers before or since i played this game. R.I.P Simone "Wolverine" Durand, i'll remember you

02. Crusader Kings 2 - A medieval strategy game that devoured more time this year than any other game. Taking my dynasty to the top is a challenge i savour.

Character of the year

Clementine - Clem did what no child managed before in games for me. She made me care about her, she made me willing to go through anything to keep her safe. There're absolutely nothing that i wouldn't do for her safety. She will always have a special place in my heart and she helped me grow as a human. I managed to take responsibility over a child. I will always love her and the development of her character and her bond with Lee is something that i've never experienced before. She was my greatest light in a really dark world. I love you Clem and i'm so proud of you. Keep that hair short will you and stay awesome!

The Walking Dead is full of amazing characters and my second choice on this list would be Kenny. A more loyal hot head you'll have to look far and wide for but he was with me for longer than i had any right to even dream of.

Game of the year 2012

The Walking Dead - It's without any shadow of a doubt my GOTY. It's the first game that made me me actually cry real tears. It managed to achive so much that i never thought a would see a game do this year. It created a fantastic group of characters that i all adore in their own way (except Larry) Not only that but the game continiously threw hard decisions my way and i had to make hard choices that i didn't think i would do in a game. Telltale managed to create really exciting and living world that was full of a wide range of scenery. Telltale managed to open a door into my heart that i didn't know existed and i will always be grateful for what they managed to achive in this game.

I can't wait for season 2! If it's even half as good as season 1 i'm thrilled. For Clem!