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Is it bad I already know how to say every dragon shout?

Slightly, but it would be really bad if you knew the translations off-hand.

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I believe the refund is less shipping...and you have to ship it back on your own.

Not if you tell them the game "didn't work" instead!

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It was probably nothing but you should go out there and check for yourself.

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Who needs gamefly when a subscription to Amazon's Games is $0

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I don't even know what to think or feel!

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I am elated to know a date - 2 months is usually pretty short - but with this news in the back of my mind at all times I know that time is gonna drag even more slowly. Hooray! We finally got a release date!

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Cutting PVP for a quicker release is fine with me since the core game is still in tact. I can't wait for Diablo 3 much longer so knowing it will NOT be delayed further is a rather welcome surprise from a company like Blizzard.

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I'm not a one-game kind of guy either - I have a very poor attention span - but once Diablo 3 comes out I won't be playing much else for months to come. I have been playing the beta religiously and after getting a taste of some of the "unreleased" beta content over the weekend, my appetite for this game just grew 10-fold. I am perfectly fine with the PVP being dropped in lieu of a post-release patch and that doesn't make the game feel any less "final" to me.

I can't wait for this game to release. I am really hoping that during their press event this week that we hear something about D3s release date (even though the event is focused around Mists of Pandaria) either this week, or once the info is allowed to be publicly disseminated (next Monday, the 19th). While I doubt we'll see a late April release, I sure wouldn't complain if it happened.

I don't know about the rest of you but I plan on hitting 10 with a softcore character then logging off of him and jumping straight into hardcore. I am really excited about doing a 'blind' hardcore run of the game and I managed to convince my friends to get on board with it. I haven't been this amped up about a game for YEARS. I am at the bursting point of excitement... having a concrete release date may either make things a bit better, or make things exponentially worse.

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This story deserves my audible anger. I shall begin shouting immediately.

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Question: will I be able to go to war with other cities?

Yes, and if your account has Battlefield 3 linked to it you'll be able to fight that war! If you have Sims 3 installed you can customize your soldier, see if he needs to go to the bathroom, and even bring your friends along to help fight by your side!

You mean Battlefield 3 doesn't have this feature already?

Sim Friends!