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Nightkiller93 said:
"CryingHero said:
"Nightkiller93 said:
"lol I if was in your situation i would of shit myself then began to cry like i did when i thought a mouse was under my bed when it was actually my dog.=P"
How big is your dog? haha
She was a puppy at the time.:)"
That explains it then.... Silly puppy... should have been barking like my puppy seems to be forever doing... especially when I'm right at that point when I'm falling asleep.
Right back on topic. Possums are a bitch... yeah... so much so we don't have them in Ireland :p

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Halo3 has a great source of crates and barrels in the forge mode!
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Has to be Ketchup and Mayonnaise, mix them together and yum! Haha
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Nightkiller93 said:
"lol I if was in your situation i would of shit myself then began to cry like i did when i thought a mouse was under my bed when it was actually my dog.=P"
How big is your dog? haha
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I'd be fossil.. I've loads of time to explain :D. People would always be looking for me and when found me I'd be the center of attention and I'd be put in a museum where everyone would stare. Only messing, I'm not shallow. I'd probably be a brick...
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I think most people would like sig's  I don't think there should be image sigs as they take forever to load and aren't really pleasing to the eye.
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I agree Alucard, Gears didn't have any real horror. If it were up to me I'd have had it a scarefest as the game graphics suited it. Cliffy B said during E3 that they've brightened the world and are focusing more on the action than anything else.
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Just after doing a full Article on PGR3 and forgot to save it.. ah well, hopefully it'll filter through though.
Great post, thanks for informing us :D
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I know you guys have a lot to deal with(excusing the pun) but when I enter the UNO page it automatically wants me to edit the page. I've tried as it needed some tweaking but it just causes my browser to freeze.
Thanks CryingHero
Edit: Intent button doesn't work every now and then

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What is Uno and is it worth it?
    » Uno is a four player card game played with rules similer to the classic card game "Switch".
Uno costs 400MP(MicrosoftPoints) and is well worth the points that you spend. However if you have or thinking or purchasing the Xbox Live Vision Camera a special code is included which unlocks Uno for free. Uno is a fun and lively game for all the family so is fun for all and enjoyable all the while.

How do I play Uno?
   » There are four players in total, you and three others. Each player is delt seven cards and a "Trump Card" is played face up in the middle. This card decides what and how the game starts. The object of the game is to get rid of all your cards. There are four colored cards with numbers from zero to nine. There is also five "Trick Cards".
Players must play one card at a time in order to get rid of your cards. When you are left with two cards and are able to play you must call Uno or you will have to draw a penalty card. To call Uno play your second last card and press the X button.
»Tip: Press the X button before you play your second last card as you can be challenged if you take too long to play and will receive two cards.

  • Whats a Trump Card? A trump card is the card that is played face up. This card is the starting card.  
    What are the cards?
   »There is four basic cards in four colors which range from numbers zero to nine. The colors are: Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.
  »There is also five "Trick Cards" these cars can alter play, draw cards for other players and other things. The five cards are: Reverse Card, Color Change, Skip Card, Take Two and The Wild Card.

What do these cards do?
   »The basic cards can change the color or number of the card that is facing up in the middle. For example if a Blue card with number five on it was facing up, you could play an other blue card or a different colored card with the number five on it. If you do not have a playable card you must press B to draw a card.
   »Trick cards do the following:
»Tip: Hold onto trick cards as long as you can.

  • Reverse Card:The reverse card reverses play and can be played if the colors on the card in play and in you hand(cards you have) match. Reversing can help you win a game by reversing play to avoid someone who has Uno. » Looks Like: two arrows revolving.

  • Color Change: This card can be played at anytime and affect the color of the cards. If you play this card you get to choose what color is to be played. Changing color can prevent other playing their last card(s) or slow them down. »Looks Like: a oval with four colors. Tip: You only have 10 seconds in which to choose a color.

  • Skip Card:Having the skip card allows you to, funnily enough, skip the next player. The skip card plays by color and like the above two can prevent others from winning. »Looks Like: a no entry sign.

  • Take Two: Playing the take two card automatically give the next player two cards and skips that person. However, depending on game rules, if that person has a take two card they can play it and the person after that will recieve four cards and so on. »Looks Like: two cards on one card.

  • Wild Card:The wild card is probably the most valuable card in the game. It can dish out up to six cards and changes the color while skipping the next player. If you play the wild card you get to choose what color you would like. The next player must choose whether to challenge or not. If he/she chooses not to challenge they get four cards. Challenging can be different. If a player challenges, they have a chance of reversing the effect. 
» How the challenge theory works is that if you have a card with the same color in your hand and you play the wild the player will win the challenge and you will be hit with four cards. But if you don't have a card with the same color and that player challenges they will receive six cards.
»For example if I had four cards in my hand and they were three green and a Wild Card, and the trump card was blue. This would mean if I played the challenge card and got challenged I would not receive four cards, however if I had two greens and a blue and played the wild I could be challenged and lose
What are the achievements for UNO?

The achievements for UNO are quite simple to get bar one or two:

Ace! (20)
Go out without ever drawing a card

Bluff (10)
Successfully bluff on a Wild Draw Four twice in the same game

Devotee (25)
Win 40 games of UNO

High Noon (15)
Play 40 Draw Two cards

Multiplayer (10)
Complete a four-player game of UNO, in any mode, on Xbox Live

Quick Change Artist (15)
Change the colour of the discard pile five or more times in a single round

Skip to My Lou (15)
Play 40 Skip cards

Twister (15)
Play 40 Reverse cards

UNO! (10)
Successfully call UNO and win the game

UNO Shark (30)
Win ten four-player games of UNO, in any mode, on Xbox Live

Wild Abandon (20)
Go out with a Wild or Wild Draw Four card

Wild Thing (15)
Successfully play 40 Wild or Wild Draw Four cards

What are Uno's game modes?
There are three game modes,

» Single Player is a normal game against three computerised players.
» Multiplayer Normal is a normal mp game with changable rules.
» Multiplaye Ranked is a ranked game which affects your Uno True Skill®Rating. (Normal Game Settings Only)

Whats this partners?
»Partners UNO is when you play with a team-mate and the object of the game is to get 500 points between the two of you or for one of the partnership to get rid of all his/her cards first. Your scores from each round are added together when one of you reaches UNO. See Scoring Below.

»Normal Scoring depends on what cards your opponant has in his/her hand. The point are as follows,
Draw 2 = 20 points, »Reverse = 20 points, »Skip = 20 points , »Wild Draw 4 = 50 points Color Change=50 points

»Running scoring is whenkeeping a running total of points of each player is caught with at the end of each hand. When one player reaches 500 points, the player with the lowest points is the winner.

What decks are there?
Currently there are two extra decks other than the normal deck.
»The 35th Anniversary Deck is free to download off the Xbox Live market place and addes one new card to the game. This card has the special 35th logo on it and a three or a five must be played for play to progress.
» The Project Gothem Racing 3 Deck adds more fun to the game with the addition of sexy cars and great sound effects.
»The Official Kameo Deck adds new graphics and a "wizard" card which allows one to swap hands with another player.

Can I use my Xbox Live Vision Camera with Uno?
In fact UNO is the first game that allowed you to use the Camera. You can view other players and let them see you.

»Tip: You can disable your camera by pressing start and going to options

» Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you would like to ask a question please do not hesitate to ask. I hope that some of you may find something useful in this post and most of all enjoy Uno!