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Cloud Atlas, 4/5. 180 minutes and enjoyed every second.

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Why did you need Tauntaun scrotums?

I signed up to play the F2P version of TOR, started the download, and then stopped the download halfway and never tried it. A lot of people seemed sour on that game, and even more seemed sour on the way it handled F2P content.

Eh, it's not that bad. It's just they force you to eventually spend money in strange ways. I think people felt like they were getting ripped off. I'd try it myself first if I were you. I've stopped trusting people's opinions on F2P when I heard people continuously praise LOTRO's f2p model yet then turn around and bash KOTORs. Both are done poorly and not truly F2P, but rather alternate payment schemes.

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The whole system fanboy thing is outdated. The systems now a days rarely have any flaws and will be easily affordable 2-3 years into their respective life cycles. But people still feel the need to be fanboys.

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I have to stay later and work when it comes to "crunch time" in my job. 60-80 hour work weeks are normal. It's not unfair treatment it's the real world. Be glad they get dinner a lot of places don't even provide that.

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Honestly, I don't see much in those videos that I would call "gameplay." It's a QTE fest, at least it looks extremely "steered." They just dressed those QTE sequences up pretty nicely.

So DMC is a QTE fest because you press B to avoid and "disguised QTEs" for combos!!! QTE fests are TLOU, Uncharted, and Tomb Raider, games that get constant praise.

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I'm sorry, but this is just another classic scenario where Valve does something that had anybody else done, they would be getting torn to shreds. Nintendo releases a controller with a built in tablet? "That's so stupid!" These guys make a controller with touch-pads, and "Oh hey, ya never know!" I love Valve, but this is getting out of control.

I don't remember the tablet controller being ripped to shreds. And this could easily be the wiimote. Praised by internet nobodies based purely off of how it looked. Yet when we got it... You can't judge a controller based on a screenshot.

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1. Are people really thinking that the finale of this show will be Walt exacting some sort of "revenge" against two characters who have been non-entities since, what, the second season?

2. I'll be sad when Breaking Bad is over, but it will be nice to feel good on Sunday nights again.

You could call them that, but they really are the force that drove Walter into the meth game and ultimately the main villains to Walter. Perhaps he won't extract revenge on those two but rather the Nazi's for using his stuff. And that will symbolize how much Walter has changed. That he no longer will just roll over and die when people are, in his mind, taking his "product".

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@corvak: The difference is EA has its logo on the spine of every one of my post-buyout BioWare games (as well as at start-up). There isn't a mention of Activision (or Activision Blizzard) anywhere in Diablo 3. If I didn't know they merged I would think Blizzard was still on its own.

I don't know for sure what types of mergers each company went through but I believe EA owns Bioware completely. Activision and Blizzard are their own companies, they are just subsidiaries for Activision-Blizzard.

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@vaddixbell: Whether they have an incentive to do it or not, if they're going to do it, it makes no sense for them to be doing as poor a job of it as they are. I assume the reason Microsoft started releasing free games was to reverse its mercenary reputation before the XBone comes out. If they're going to release games that few people will take advantage of, they're just wasting whatever resources it took to make these deals.

The big difference is PSN's subscription game service is a big selling point for PSN. The games for gold thing is just MS gifting games to gold subscribers because Sony simply came up with a better idea then them. I don't get how you would be upset about this. They aren't marketing games for gold as some major selling point for gold they are just giving gold members older games.

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Is the Games for Gold just until the launch of the xbone (i think they said something along these lines at e3) or does Microsoft plan on continuing it after and include the xbone?

This is just until the launch. If I was a betting man I would say they have revamped it to be more competitive with PSN's version. Right now the only advantage they have is you can keep the game, which gamers really don't seem to give a shit about.