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Man, this getting hacked thing is starting to get out of hand.

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I already own this game on the original discs. I dont think a few 'enhancements' will make me shell out $20 tbh. If it was on steam I would consider it more for the convenience and to complete my collection.

I dont understand, from what I can see a lot of people really want this on steam or gog. Why not give them the option? Doesn't mean it has to be a Steam/GoG exclusive.

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I'm not sure who is at fault here. I'm going to side with Microsoft on this one only because Fish has been a total douche multiple times in the past.

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I <3 Valve.

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Thanks for this! Helped me out alot!

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@thisisalan said:

I can't give you a report on the data network itself so far as I haven't been outside campus WiFi range, but I can tell you that the sign-up process for creating a 3G data account is absolutely atrocious.

Briefly: it involves using the Vita's browser to enter your account details and credit card information into a poorly designed form on a website that is not indicated as secure. If the Vita's screen shuts off due to inactivity, the entire form is cleared. Also, if you enter anything incorrectly, the form is reloaded with the "send me emails about AT&T offers" checkboxes all checked.

This x100.

Signing up was a real pain. The data itself works well enough, its quick and I seem to have good connection more or less all the time. Not sure why it always asks me to connect to wifi when I check my friend list, it woks and uses the 3g when I hit cancel anyways.

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Rocking Lumines, Wipeout, and Hotshots Golf here. Add me! SN:DarkS2K

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Who ever made these has talent. Atlus should hire these guys/gals

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Awesome! Grats! I've always wondered if anyone ever actually wins these contests. I guess so...