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Starcraft 2 
Fifa '09 

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Are the controls not exactly the same?

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@Hailinel said:
" @McGhee_the_Insomniac said:
" @Hailinel:  It's a guy's face. How exciting can it be? "
But why make that face the face of the game?  They've got a character creator, and yet they shirk its use in favor of getting a live male model to serve as the default. "
Because he's THE MAIN FUCKING CHARACTER. They made Shephard, and a female Shephard, and then gave their players the option to make their own if they wanted a personalized one. What is the problem? You sound like a nit-picky jackass, which is true, because you're Halinel. If you had actually played the game even a little bit (I haven't finished either, and hated the first) you would realize that once you make a custom Shep, that's it. That's your Shep. Other Sheps look weird. If I don't see my cold hard bitch femShep I'm like "wtf is this? Who is that?" 
Stop bitching about something stupid. Your argument and criticism is so unbelievably pointless.
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@example1013 said:
" Research insititutions spend the majority of their resources on reducing bias, and you don't even make the slightest effort. Poor show, sir.    
Post on Giantbomb is not equal to a research institution.
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I like how many people posted stupid comments based purely on the title without reading the actual content.

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Amazingly I got Asian people.
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@sixghost said:
" @ThatFrood said:
" @supermike6 said:

" Wow. He sounds like a complete bitch.  "

He does. Two zergs have won the GSL and one Protoss. There are definitely issues present, issues that are probably there simply because Terran was the race Blizzard spent the most time designing for WoL. For the most part, though, what I heard him saying wasn't anything interesting or new, or particularly well said, it's stuff that's been discussed in greater detail with a more leveled and unbiased approach on the TL forums. "
Don't cherry pick statistics to strengthen your argument. Terran hasn't won a GSL, but they have had a representative in every single final so far. That points more toward a protoss weakness with 1 outlier rather than Terran sucking. Terran has also had: 7/16 spots in GSL 1: Ro16 3/8 spots in Ro8 2/4 spots in Ro4 and a rep in the finals  Only 5/16 in GSL 2: Ro16 4/8 spots in Ro8 3/4 spots in Ro4 KLFJSDLKFJDSLKFJLDSKFJDLSKJFDLKJFDLKSFJSDLKJF rep in the finals  8/16 in GSL3: Ro16 3/8 in Ro8 2/4 in Ro4 rep in Finals  and if you just want to talk pure numbers: Total Terrans in GSL 1-3: 74 Zerg: 58 Protoss: 59  Terran has been constantly floating between average and overpowered for the entirety of SC2s lifespan, never falling below 21 reps in a GSL, while zerg and protoss have both dipped into lows of 15 & 16(zerg) and 12(FUCKING TWELEVE)(protoss).  I'm not even going to bother listening to that thing, because theorycraft balance discussions are so fucking tired. Stop complaining and figure out a way to win. "
Holy shit your argument is stupid. Once you get into the rounds of 8, 4, and the finals it's incredibly evenly distributed. 3/8?  Really? That's part of your argument? 2/4? OH MY GOD OP. 1/2 CALL THE COPS.
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This is to everyone on Giantbomb. Next time you decide to start a thread and start it with "convince me...", punch yourself in the face. Please.

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Terran is pretty great in the early game. And Marine/Marauder is a pretty sick combination, but they invented a thing called Psi-storm. And a unit called the baneling. Helions? lol. Terran is the easiest race to use (mostly because the campaign teaches you how to use them), but played correctly all the races are pretty much equal. Zerg are probably the worst, but that's just because they're the hardest to use. Watch Nestea whoop up on a Terran. Boom.