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Did a great job with this. Brought a tear to my eye.

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These all seem like pretty good changes. I am really happy Microsoft is expanding Games with Gold. There has been some good games like Dust, Hitman: Absolution and Sleeping Dogs so far. But compared to Sony's offerings it has been paltry.

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@starvinggamer: You really need to dust some buddy! Loving the Yukiko figure ^_^.

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It came out in March, but if we are talking about seeing horrible CGI-infested action movies in theaters this one takes the cake for me. The trailer got me hook, line, and sinker. What a waste of $8.

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Anyone else read the headline to this article and think "Wow. Some museum really wanted 22 pallets of ET landfill goodness!"

Also, The Strong is a great place. I live a few hours away and it is totally worth the trip. They also have an amazing collection of other toys and board games. They have the first prototype Monopoly board drawn by Charles Darrow himself. It was sized exactly for his dining room table!

It's also not everyday, when you actually get to see a Computer Space arcade cabinet. God, the things I would have done to actually PLAY it. (It's behind glass in the exhibit). I need to get my butt to Funspot, I think they let you play it there.

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Bought Onechanbara for 360. This game:

Haven't played past the first level, and I did that at a party just so everyone could see how ludicrous the game is. Pretty much a big waste of $15 on my part.

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I don't know if this really counts as it is a parody cover. But Gangster's Paradise kinda sucks, and I have listened to Weird Al's version tons of times. And I know all the lyrics of The Saga Begins, can't say that about American Pie.

As for more normal answers...

Halestorm's two full cover albums are notable mentions in my book. Lots of fun re-imaginings.

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Pretty nice collection there. The only games I've bought used with past saves were things like JRPGs and puzzle games. I remember recently deleting someones 70 hours save in Might and Magic Clash of Heroes. I know they sold the game and didn't care but I almost felt bad deleting it. What is going to be the fate of these Pokemon? Going to mess around with them or delete em?

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I'm sitting here and just sobbing. The first person I haven't ever met that affected me this much. So many years of fun watching him on Gamespot and Giantbomb. And I never even really met him. I can't believe how hard this must be on his family and the GB crew.

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