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First off - spell check.


Secondly - you should talk to your business teacher about how to write a resume instead of the internet.

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I hope we don't lose a human out of this but it is reassuring to see these comments from the GB community.

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Really enjoyed your write-up Patrick.

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RIP Ryan.

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Enjoyed your article Alex

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Totally making this. Thanks Drew.

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I thought that was just because the video player was shitty?

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@ShadowConqueror said:

@Giantstalker said:

Don't get a tattoo.

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Brad has been the on screen talent for me. Jeff is doing what I expect Jeff would do, but Brad has just knocked it out of the ball park. His "60 Minutes" host spoof is the high mark for me so far.

How about Ryan's performance? I must say his acting has been the most well-acted and funny to me

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Searched and didn't find any similar forum topic, so hopefully this isn't a repeat. By now I'm sure most of you have been devouring the Game of the Year content that the site has put up. I specifically want to dwell on the Daily Recap videos where the crew satirize various TV shows.

Personally I'm loving this content so much, it could so easily come off as cheesy but they struck an amazing balance between hamming it up and some actual good acting bits. I really could tell that a ton of time had been invested in producing these bits.

What do you guys think? Have you been enjoying (and rewatching) these videos for these scenes or have they been less endearing for you?