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Keeps happening to me, too.
What a bummer - I played that mission 3 times before I had to go back to work.  I'll clear the cache, then. Good job, Ubi!  :P  
(Cool game, tho)

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This hadn't really been on my radar at all, but I'm warming to it.  I will, however, wait until I read some post-release reviews before I decide whether or not to pick it up - I don't think I'm ever again going to pre-order or buy a new IP on release date.  Been burned too many times. 

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My wife custom orders one from Katz's Deli.  Since they only serve kosher food there (I think - no ham or bacon, anyway),  she gets them to make it using french toast,  turkey, and turkey ham.
Everytime she does, we get kitchen staff and managers swinging by our table to tell us how they "all want one now."  We call it the "Kosher Monte Cristo" and keep trying to get them to add it to the menu - no luck yet. :P

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With regards to one of the discussed emails in the last podcast:
Ham and turkey have already been combined in to one delicious sandwich, called a "Monte Cristo."
This can be a double-decker or single layer sandich and It consists of the following layers between 2-3 slices of bread:

  • Ham
  • American Cheese
  • Turkey
  • Swiss Cheese
  • Bacon (optional, yet mandatory)

The sandwich is then dipped in batter and deep-fried!  :)
It is served sprinkled with powdered sugar and comes with a side of Strawberry or Rasberry jam for spreading. (in lieu of deep frying the entire sandwich, french toast can be substituted for the bread slices.)

If you've never had a Monte Cristo sandwich, you are misssing out on life! ;)

~Matt Steele
Houston, TX

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Indeed, but I digress.

I imagine a 90 minute movie of extended shots of people screaming and flexing at each other as the camera slowly zooms in on the actors' faces.  Then an explosion. And then the credits.

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Karmum said:
... The DBZ-child-lover in me would be screaming right now."
Uhh, dude, did you just say that you were a lover of DBZ-children?  Or that YOU were a DBZ-child and there's a lover inside of you right now who's screaming? 
Either way, that's pretty gross.
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To answer my own question:

I found a thread in the EA Dead Space forum where an EA guy, "lgascoig", states:

"I wrote the code for the achievements and I can confirm that if you fire anything other than the plasma cutter and you save the game, you're hosed on that save."
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Do these DLC weapons have an effect on the obtaining the achievements? 

For instance, does using the Scorpion Plasma Cutter rather than the regular Plasma Cutter prevent you from earning the 40 point "One Gun" achievement for completing the game using only the Plasma Cutter?

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I noticed a lot of screen tearing on my 52" Mitsubishi DLP running thru HDMI at 720p.  It's a problem that's popped up in other games no matter what the input method, but goes away after a few seconds.  This time, I had to switch my TV to the cable box and back before it went away.  That was annoying.  I've been through a few 360s and I'm really paranoid about it going out on me again. (*knock on wood*) It sounds like a common enough problem that there may be a patch in the near future.

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I'm still on the fence, but I think I like the VATS.  It's pretty damn satisfying blowing people's heads off and I know the slo-mo will probably get old as I get further in, but right now I think I like the novelty of the VATS.

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