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I would like a 2, but not a prequel. I find prequels to be fairly pointless in most mediums because you probably already know how it all goes in the grand scheme of things. There's something that bothers me about not 'advancing' a story or universe. That's not to say all things that are prequelish are bad (I quite liked DE:HR as a recent example) but it's always just a slight let down and loss of excitment when I find out something is a prequel.

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Both of those movies were incredible. It's such a shame they never made any after them.

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Angels in the Outfield sends a hearty 'Fuck You'.

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As someone who had a lot of cricket inflicted upon them as a child, I'm not sure even the dynamic duo of Jeff and Vinny will be able to make this watchable.

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I'd check this page out for starters:


Fable II is a game that features them that I can think of (it was missing from that page for some reason, just added it). But there it's an inventory item you can use when you have sex with a female NPC and it decides if you are having sex just to have sex or if you are trying to conceive a child.

Condoms also (supposedly, it was a bit janky) prevented STDs, but they (the STDs) didn't actually do anything if (and when, again it was buggy) you got any, it was just a number in the stats screen that would rise. Also, the whole child thing was only if you were sleeping with a opposite-gender spouse. The Fable series doesn't let you have children with people you aren't married to and same-sex couples have to adopt.

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Has the censorship or banning of any games had a serious impact on your gaming habits?

No, it's just an annoying hassle. If the internet wasn't where it is, there would be more of an impact.

Do you view these strict policies as sensible in any way or are they things that the consumer should decide on?

Having guidelines is fine, but some of the ones they've written are completely ridiculous. Also, they should be guidelines. Not written in such a slanted way to technically make them laws if certain conditions are met. If you are legally an adult, the government should probably stop trying to baby you.

Has the addition of the R18+ classification made a noticeable difference?

Not so far. Saints Row IV still had to jump through some hoops, because of a fake drug, set in a virtual reality, in a fictional game. That's just retarded.

Do you often circumvent the banning of games by importing? How difficult is this?

Yes. Not very. They can technically seize it at customs, but they generally don't. For PC, it's usually just as easy as getting a ROW steam code and activating it on your account as normal.

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There seems to be a bit of overreaction from Horror on this but I'm not too familiar with Twitch so what do I know. The comment that got Horror all riled up was snide, but at the same time was not overly offensive or cruel. The situation could have been avoided if Horror just kept a cool head and perhaps just talked to or warned Duke about the comments. There always seems to be a lack of people learning the important life lesson that remaining calm and just talking differences out is usually what works best.

Go to your Boss or higher up and ask him if some person sexually pleasured him to get some benefits, and see what will happen.

She laughed.

(To be fair, we all get along well in our section. ... That sounds very different from how I meant it, oh well.)

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Who cares if the last boss was terrible, it was only a tiny part of a massive game.

I would agree with you, except for the fact that the ending is far from the only bad thing about Mass Effect 2 =)

Oh, I thought he meant Alduin.

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On any other day I'd probably vote for Batman even though I loved them both. But Batman knocked out Dragon Age so fuck that guy, go GLaDOS!