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If the girl doesn't want to date you just because you don't have a car, maybe it just isn't meant to be. But she's into you, so I think you'll be ok. I started dating my current girlfriend before I had a car, and it worked out fine. I told her right at the start about it, just so it was known (we live in a somewhat rural area, public transit is practically nonexistent, so a car is absolutely necessary to get around) and she was totally okay with it. It made for a good excuse for us to end up at my place at the end of our dates when she had to drop me off, so I guess you can say things turned out better than expected.

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my personal favorite.

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Yup, just Portal 2. I guess the theory is whenever Valve puts out another console game, they already have that stuff in place for next time.

It was going to be in CS: GO, but I am pretty sure it got scrapped before release.

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Wow, I can't believe I actually got to it first. Thanks duder!

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I think you answered your own question. The touch pad seems to be mainly used as a button, unless it's a first party game. I know some games let you scroll around maps with it though, maybe destiny will let you do that? I'm not in the alpha.

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@machofantastico: Just so you know, GR and Uncharted have been on Vita's PS+ for a while now and probably still have a couple months left in them before they get swapped out. Also, Vita Uncharted sucks pretty hard, but GR was fun enough.

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Sure, I can always use more GB clothes.

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@buzz_clik said:

See also:

EDIT: is no longer a website. I am sad as fuck about this.

Man :/ I just checked, is down too... still works though. I believe ryan owned those domains :(

EDIT: is also down.

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It's all in good fun, I wouldn't take it seriously. Speaking as someone from Alabama, it's bound to happen.

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If you wear it among other GB fans, they should get it and not give you grief about it. Maybe wear it with a jacket for when you are in public, though