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@jbg4: The top professor at my college said in one of my intro classes that he shakes a lot of peoples' hands at graduation who didn't receive an education. College is about the piece of paper, but it took me a while to realize how learning to develop arguments, write papers, and think critically the way a Liberal Arts degree teaches is an extremely valuable skill that is hard to learn and often passed over by students.

I see plenty of friends and students in my classes that just don't "get it," so to speak. They want the piece of paper, just like I did at one point, but they fail to see the relevance that any of their classes have to the outside world or their employment. It's the disconnect that comes between STEM fields and the Liberal Arts. Many STEM fields prepare one for a specific, lucrative type of job while Liberal Arts does not. Instead, it teaches one how to learn, how to think, how to evaluate. There is something about understanding how to create an argument and think logically that is really hard to come across anywhere else in life. I would suggest everyone read this article because it explains it much better than I ever could.

In any case, there are a lot of people who graduate without a real education. Those people wasted time and money on something they did't take advantage of. There are others who take advantage of the time they have in college to propel them to bigger and better things. Now, whether or not this problem is the students' fault for not knowing something they don't know is another question all together. I think the way the education system is set up needs to be drastically altered, but that is another topic on which I could write pages.

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Holly shit...if you think anyone is planning to stay in any job for more than a year at $14/hr you are sadly mistaken. Then you act like $16/hr after 3 years is somehow good if you are a college graduate. Is that a joke? That's only around $30,000 a year. Depending on living expenses, $30,000 may only be enough to live on let alone save up for any other future life expenditures and pay off college debt.

Yeah, maybe throw out the resumes that have spelling errors and such, but I feel as though you will learn a lot more about a person from an interview. I mean maybe if they have no experience with anything relevant and have never had a minimum wage job when they were a kid then throw out the resume, but it can't hurt to give someone a chance who has a little experience, a decent resume, and worked a few crappy jobs before or during college. You might find that someone you thought had a great resume seemed like a shitty person/fit for the position when you interviewed them, but someone else with a less impressive resume turned out to be perfect for the job.

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FACT: Best name.

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Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

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Greatest power and largest depth of range.

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This entire year has been a disappointment for me. I went from being as into video games as one can be to only playing Dota 2. Yes, Bioshock was pretty good and so was Last of Us, but other than that I really have no desire to play anything that has come out recently. The new consoles are especially disappointing. I might get a Wii U though because Nintendo seems to be the only company making games I am even remotely interested in right now.

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Depends what kind of thing you're going for but I would suggest Akira, Berserk, Gungrave, and Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (the first 10 episodes may be a little boring but push through, it gets good). I mean, there are obviously other kinds out there but I think those give a good verity of settings and styles. This is all if you want you're anime a little more serious and adult rather than funny, whimsicle, insane (see DBZ), or "for kids."

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I dislike Leigh Alexander, but you're right. That is the best review of GTA V. It's also the worst in every way that it's great...I think we need to be careful...this thing may be a black hole...AHHHHHH!!!!

What she's getting at is exactly how I feel about GTA V and I do think the thing is a fairly funny way to put it together, but at the same time it's also immature in exactly the way I hate. This culture doesn't seem to contain mature and well reasoned arguments segmented by with fits of comedy. Instead, it always has to the bashing of two snarky, entitled, unintelligent heads that try to be as funny as possible while also being "cool."

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I was like, "Eh, that thing doesn't look that bad." Then I read that it doesn't fold, looked at the picture once again, and now my brain just exploded. In some ways its like, "Yeah, that's a good idea" cause the 3D in the 3DS has only been something I cared about in Mario 3D Land and Pushmo, but the design is down right terrible and the reduced price may actually lose Nintendo money because I'm not sure how many more people are going to buy this that wouldn't have bought a 3DS anyway.