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I actually really enjoyed these two games in the past. I wonder if they have aged well....

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Like many of you there are just so many good levels. I think I'll have to say ummmm the Napoleon level.

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Oh, the reason he wrote down everything was because this was the first time we ever played a RPG video game. We were so young at the time that we did not even realize that writing down everything was useless.  I also think he had read somewhere in the manual or something that mentioned to note that what NPC tell you can be important. So he did not want to miss a thing so he wrote down everything.  Funny in retrospect.

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I would but there is another bug (which I also reported) for that. I go to add a character to the game but the name is so common "Ken" for example. That when I type in Ken it gives me 12 results.. however it does not contain the correct result. So I am unable to do it that way.

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Yeah, I had figured out the work around. However, you shouldn't have to use a "workaround" you should find a solution instead.


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I am trying to add a character named "Max" to the Shining Force: The Legacy of Great Intention game page. So I click on Character, Add new character. Then there is a search box. I type Max and there is obviously a lot of results. Unfortunatly it does not have the result that I need in the list that it shows. Unfortunatly I

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This still rates as one of my favorite RPGs! It might be the nostalgia but I can still go back and play this game and enjoy it!

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I was about 5 or 6 years old when my parents purchased a Commodore 64. I had a few friends that had one as well and we basicaly traded and copied each other's games (enter source disc .... enter destination disc .. ahhh memories). Anyhow, I don't remember seeing Commodore 64 games for sale in stores.  Which stores actually sold them? How much did they sell them for?

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I was actually thinking about this the other day. It seems that EA might have been listening to the uproar of angry gamers the past couple of years. It seems that they are trying to stop being the evil developing titan that just grabs any IP and kills it with mass producing games wether they are good or not.  Only time will tell I guess :)