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Steam, Battlenet, and Origin all seem pretty solid. I only want to make room for a few clients. Uplay isn't on the list.

EA probably made a deal with Ubi to bring Steam down a notch, however I don't intend on using Uplay. Ubi games still on Origin... I'd rather use Origin than Uplay. This deal doesn't seem to work out too well for Ubi.

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Good read ( :

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Good post Patrick. I don't keep up with Twitter. I wouldn't even know what GG was without your posts. Keep up the good work & keep posting.

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hahha... I see what you did there.

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Was never really interested in The Witcher, but they're clearly a talented group so this could be pretty cool. There needs to be more cyberpunk games.

They are very talented. Cyberpunk games are needed. I have a feeling though that a lot of companies will catch on & we will see an excess of Cyberpunk games... I don't really mind though, cause I love the Cyberpunk & steampunk themes.

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@Andtheworld: maybe you should bitch at the people who steal things and make this a necessity for a company to make money...

Preach it!

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jeez really? create a new windows profile? right click and run-as administrator anyone?


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Not what I wanted from the series, but cheers to those who care about MMOs I guess.

My Thoughts exactly. I'd rather have another Elder Scrolls game with integrated multiplayer to go cause havoc together with some friends. MMOs not my thing, (everyone can't be the chosen one) lol

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hmm... I enjoy these articles Patrick Klepek puts up.

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I can't wait for more material on this game. The art style and storyline seem Ridiculous in a good way.