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Jeez. This and Shadow of Mordor are kinda annoying me. Not because it's too crazy, but because for what these games look like. I don't want to believe it's laziness, but these are not crazy simulations to require i7, and unless they are doing some insane textures for Evil Within, who need 4gb of video ram? Is it just optimized badly?

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@honkalot: The way I "put it", I didn't even mention Feminism, you did that. And it is the third wave, I meant. I believe in equal rights and opportunities. But I believe forcing the same outcomes regardless of gender differences is the wrong path to take. However I don't feel this is the forum for that discussion.

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@cogsdev: Are you European? If you don't mind me asking.

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@joshwent: Or maybe the gaming press didn't like the movement since the start, especially because it evaluated it as corrupt. There was a lot of backlash because of the Gamers are dead articles. And people censoring discussion. Maybe if talk had been allowed it would never have gotten so far.

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@cogsdev: The other side promotes far left progressive ideas, that I do not believe in, that disparages white straight males for being born the way they are. I would probably be considered privileged by them, even though I grew up in relative poverty in Eastern Europe.

Gaming may or may not be a space for political ideological disagreements, but I know which spectrum has the upper hand in all conversations in popular gaming media at the moment. And getting that pushed on me has grown tiresome.

I believe in individual people, and want each and every human being to feel confidence in themselves. But left leaning ideologies promote groupism, classism and all sorts of things that put you in a corner without any outlook to the individual. I hate labels.

And I'm sorry if you've seen hatred coming towards you, and I would never condone it. I don't use twitter, maybe it's more hateful there, but the few gaming and gamergate related subreddits and chans I visit never display that sort of outward negativity, especially after NotYourShield started.

I guess either side is unable to see the good things in the other, and the bad things on their own. Like a lot of very human conflicts.

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I can stop reading these articles I know. But eventually I might reconsider subscribing to this website.

I don't condone threats to anyone. To me it's not acceptable, and worst of all, is not a tactic that could ever be successful, even in a twisted mind. Death threats, harassment, pulling fire alarms at events you don't agree with. All evil and unnecessary.

But I'm not feeling welcome here, because I fundamentally disagree with what the people Patrick highlights are saying. It's only a highlight because they are on the "correct" side. People who support gamergate have been threatened, with violence or the loss of their job in the industry. And those are the people that for the most part don't have the press on their side.

We all want the same thing - good games we can enjoy. We also want to feel accepted for what we are. But one side of this "conflict" makes me feel like I'm evil for enjoying what I enjoy. And they offer no concession or relief. Even neutral people are pushed to one side or the other. That can't be healthy.

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I support gamergate. That's all I will say. I don't believe this website and these comments would be friendly to my opinions.

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She does say a couple of pretty hateful things, which I believe to be untrue.

Accusing someone of doing evil things unconsciously is a tactic that is impossible to fight, because if it's not conscious, what can you do but believe your accuser? You are left no recourse, because if you arrive at your decisions in a way that you don't even understand, what hope do you have of doing anything right? Except of course blindly following, without any free will reserved.

I think it's an argumentation I can say nothing more about, because it doesn't expect or accept any other response but agreement. And I will not agree.

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@mb: I meant that if someone is disliked by the community, and mods happen to agree, they still probably shouldn't be bashed in comments. People like Bobby Kotick come to mind. Maybe that would never happen and I'm crazy.

I'll try to be more clear next time.

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These seem pretty solid and fair, as rules go.

I maybe prefer something a bit more free, but it's your website. I have other sites, maybe reddit, for that.

Just please remember all these rules when someone does something truly heinous, and everyone on the internet turns against them. The ocean marketing thing comes to mind, but that happened a while ago.