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Vilnius, Lithuania.

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At least be like a band, do reunions for game of the year and E3. And PAX. And maybe once more a year to make it hurt more.

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Giant Bomb in these damn months always breaks my heart.

Vinny and Jeff shouldn't be separated, but I guess there always comes a time to say goodbye.

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This might be amazing. Can't wait.

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Eh, sure. I just feel there's a separation between games as interactive physical experiences and a form of relaxation, where you slump in front of a TV or monitor with a controller or mouse and keyboard. Minimal movement - maximum control.

The other is the jumping around, shouting and moving kind of gaming. It's a different experience, and might be enabled by whatever motion control, voice activated gimmick that's popular for the day.

And personally, if I reach a point where I want to play virtual ball toss, I'd rather actually go outside and toss some balls. Not digitally, in my living room.

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I also have a secret prediction of how this will end up, but we'll see.

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I already hate the lucky bastard that will get this.

I'll just pretend I wouldn't get the job just because I live in Lithuania.

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This would have been huge news.

A few years ago.

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74,1 million. And I'm planning to play DSII on PC so if I happen to win, give it to the next guy.

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The DLC was pretty good, but I felt a bit better about the story and how the universe wrapped after the main game. Now I don't really understand the ending. And the parts I do get seem pretty haphazard.

This just adds weird wrinkles to everything, and it's pretty depressing as well.