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Congratulations, Vinny!

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Meh. Disclosing conflict of interest would be nice, but I don't feel it's all that terrible to back someone from the industry you enjoy.

The real problem to me is acting like a close knit gang that attacks anyone who disagrees with their opinions or actions. You can support each other all you want, but don't use your connections to disparage or destroy the work of other people (I think there was an example of someone shutting down a "competing" game jam). We get it, you're all friendly and hang in the same circles. Doesn't mean outsiders are evil.

Also this behavior is harmful to the entire indie scene, because anyone who isn't one of them will not get coverage, meaning they might actually spend money on marketing, and be at a disadvantage.

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I've realised over the years I don't really need actual journalism. Call me an idiot, but what I like is game news, and game related entertainment. Finding out what's going on, and seeing some Quick Looks. I don't feel this industry can support many journalists. Mostly drivel writers and hangers on waiting for an opportunity. I'm generalising and being a bit crude of course.

What I need is maybe some Vinny playing Dark Souls.

(black Knight music) I'm out!

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Congrats Vinny! And to young Louigiano Shepard Caravela! Just kidding :)

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You're doing a great job, guys. It's like when I realized I might want to listen to old hotspots, saw they had been gone for a while, and the only thing I could find was an old torrent that stopped seeding.

Preserve the past, so the future can happen.

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When you have to explain why something is a good decision, it's probably not the best decision.

Maybe we'll get Rise of the Planet of the Tomb Raider on PC or something.

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Incredibly exciting, because I enjoyed Remember Me very much.

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Copyright is stagnant and weird. Unless they expect someone to license music at outrageous prices for their little gaming stream, which would be crazy. The purpose of copyright used to be ensuring a revenue stream, so that other people can't exploit your work until you at least recuperate the resources you put in, and possibly profited.

Nowadays it seems that copyright is just a way to aggressively protect something you hold some kind of ownership of, even if you didn't create it - like some stories of music being pulled from artists own youtube channels by their music label.

I suppose these Twitchers are earning some money from ads, but its probably peanuts. And if it's NOT peanuts, then hey - maybe license some music.