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Great read.

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The videos and animations may not be retina but the cards sure seem to be. Crisp as anything on my iPad 3.

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I wasn't expecting to care a whit about playing as Batarians, but they were surprisingly cool additions to the MP. Kinda quietly looking forward to the Vorcha. Hoping they spring for some kind of flamethrower weapon / ability. After spending a few weeks on the Bioware Social Network forums, it's refreshing to see the Giant Bomb ME3 forum isn't (at least not currently) mired in a constant flame war about the last five minutes of the game.

The "Thank you, EDI" video totally made my night.

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Total agreement with the OP. You'd think he'd rated to 2/5 stars the way it's been pooped on for weeks. Hate to use review scores for any reason, but it seems odd and tiresome to me.

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Full disclosure I absolutely love Horde mode in Gears, and always have, but got to say I was surprised and delighted to see how awesome the ME3 co-op is. The combat is refined, the characters and powers are fun and different enough that you really feel like you're switching gears when you swap to a different skin, rather than just changing your shirt. The points / booster pack style of random unlocks and upgrades was a brilliant plan that I'm sure will keep me hooked until I have most everything they're offering.

If you haven't tried it and you even remotely care about Mass Effect, do yourself a favor and get up on it.

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Good people at Super Giant.

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RIP brother.

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Is the word ever said in game? I get my handle from a Tolkien era phrase about wolves, probably taken from Iceland as well. White Wolf uses it to mean a type of Kindred vampire that is mindless, almost like a zombie.

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Beat me to it :-) thanks for sharing either way.

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Got my beta invite as well. Color me uninterested in a beta for anything at this time of the year.