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Important Q: Do all the dragons in Skyrim breathe fire, or can it be frost or lightning, etc? Also, that 25% magic resistance just against spells, or breath, is dragon breath a spell? Getting close to this game and going down the rabbit hole for real.

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Definitely should do a video feature version of this. Next year if nothing else.

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Definitely down. I won't be online until later in the week, but I'm Gamertag: Sihr if anyone wants to friend up ahead of time.

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@rebgav said:

Killing the Joker is the best thing that they could do for that franchise. Hopefully they resist pulling any Lazarus Pit shenanigans. I would be love it if the next game was about Wayne handing over the cowl to a different Batman, now that he's lost his nemesis, his love interest and his mentor/rival.


Ballsy, and would open the door to exploring the newer facets of Batman's own corner of the DCU from the comics. Batwoman, Red Hood, Black Glove Society, Batman Inc., etc.

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Thankful Kyd didn't get let go. ACII and Brotherhood soundtracks are amazing work.

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Patched on X360, in case anyone missed the other thread.

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Bought it, haven't played it yet but after installing and booting it up there was no patch as of very late Friday (9/9).

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Thinking of buying this today, has the initial unfucking patch landed on X360 yet?

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@Guyzea said:


Seconded. Also, fuck yeah buffed Shin Chan avatar ;-)

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Holy shit. Chills. "I need you! Wake up, John!" Got me completely.

Back in the saddle again!