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We are probably seeing the death of a community tonight. The amount of businesses that are on fire right now is only going up. Several of these places are privately owned, and not chain places.

The fire department has been unable to do a thing because shots are still being fired.

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Switch out Orton for Sting and you have one of the all time great finishes.

Still, that match was far better than anyone probably expected. Rusev looked strong, Ziggler was the last man standing, and Steph had a quality post match meltdown.

Pretty good show. The Diva title match was the obvious low point.

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Three day passes are out already haha

I grabbed a pair for Saturday and Sunday.

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This is going to be the next big thing with these publishers. Curated storefronts built around an ecosystem of their titles is something that Blizzard started with Battle.Net, and EA, WB, and now Ubi Soft are building on. It is just another extension of the whole "games as a service" direction the industry has been moving towards.

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It figures that Reigns would be at the CBSi office and on the Powerbombcast the week that Dan is at Kansas City.