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Drew has opened up and become more vocal on the podcast since the day Alex was there before E3. Alex did a hell of a job getting him to open up, and it is obviously all the better.

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It is not worth the eventual hassle to date someone you work with.

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This is pretty damn huge news. The International has the largest prize pool in gaming history, and a higher prize pool than just about every singles sporting event out there. The fact that Valve was able to get this on a mainstream platform is a huge boon to the genre.

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Night of Champions is the most important PPV since that is the one that falls when the Network subscriptions start to end. I expect WWE to go all out from the lead up to SummerSlam through NoC.

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I read a couple people remark on the Flair bit as WWE's way to retire the Big Gold Belt, and I think it makes sense that the intention of that moment was just that.

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Eighteen years ago today was Bash at the Beach 96, and one of the most important moments in wrestling history.

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The HHH/Dunn feud is going to be damn interesting in the coming years.

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I've always had Kate Upton pop in my head when I seen that character.

This will get thrown out.

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Terrible decision is they do not release something at the same time. Off screen footage will be recorded by someone there, and it will be up on the internet for everyone to judge. It will give the game some pretty poor press from the start if that recording is lackluster in any way.