Video Games Live Adds 30 New Shows to 2009 World Tour

The Most Grand Video Game Orchestral Event Gets Bigger

by Randy Marr
   I'm not writing this as some half-assed attempt at just getting some news out there, I'm doing it because I legitimately and absolutely love this show, and am hoping that somebody else out there might have the chance to encounter it that they never had before. I know Giant Bomb has a pretty broad audience across the globe and decided it'd be a good audience to present this information too. They've recently added shows in Tokyo, Japan, all across China, and they're even going to go to Cardiff, Whales, despite that pesky rift that Torchwood just can't keep close.
   If you've never heard of Video Games Live, here's a quick rundown: It's awesome. Famed video game composer Jack Wall (Mass Effect) and Tommy Tallarico (Earthworm Jim) go around the globe, enlisting local symphony orchestras to help put on a hell of a show, playing music from a wide variety of video games. They have over 60 set pieces to choose from, playing about 15-20 in a given show, so odds are they'll find something you like. If you hit up youtube and look around, you can see they put on a hell of a show. But if you're interested, don't look too much, you'll spoil the show for yourself!
   Anyway, tickets are on sale now and you can click here to see if you've been one of the recently added locations, or if I've somehow convinced you to go see a show near you.
   Has anybody ever been to one of these shows? What do you think? If you haven't, are you likely to go? Feel free to drop some comments, I always love to hear 'em.