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Using three fingers to control provides far more precision than one finger. I'll take WASD over analog stick any day because of that.

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Seems like the only song that's not in the directory is Vengeance by Perturbator.

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Oh boy, 10 point scale with half scores? GIGANTIC unnecessary screenshots on review pages? No thank you. I'll stick with Giant Bomb.

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@WMoyer83: I'm pretty certain the Next Time Ons were always generated with your decisions. They weren't pre-rendered.

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Did I miss something or was there not a clip to show what happens in the last episode?

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So uh, that account is now deleted. Damn it.

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@TheJohn said:

The PC version is horrible. No multiplayer, no options to change keymapping and resolution and weird bugs when you bail. It's cheap, but I still feel ripped off.

I honestly can't fathom why online play was removed. I was about to add the game to my cart until I saw it lacked multiplayer.

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I'm waiting for a Steam version, at which point I will throw money at Sosowski.

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Not to be rude, but while we're at it:

does not impact games already been submitted

expressed decidedly porlaized opinions.

getting on the services is it's best bet.