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@WMoyer83: I'm pretty certain the Next Time Ons were always generated with your decisions. They weren't pre-rendered.

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Did I miss something or was there not a clip to show what happens in the last episode?

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So uh, that account is now deleted. Damn it.

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@TheJohn said:

The PC version is horrible. No multiplayer, no options to change keymapping and resolution and weird bugs when you bail. It's cheap, but I still feel ripped off.

I honestly can't fathom why online play was removed. I was about to add the game to my cart until I saw it lacked multiplayer.

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I'm waiting for a Steam version, at which point I will throw money at Sosowski.

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Not to be rude, but while we're at it:

does not impact games already been submitted

expressed decidedly porlaized opinions.

getting on the services is it's best bet.

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@Robopengy: Reddit crap?

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@JoeyRavn: What are you talking about? I see nothing but praise for Durante. What ungrateful PC gamers have you been talking to, because I see none.

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Some proofreading would be nice.

"it's is"

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@BonOrbitz: Nice to hear they were good about it. When I cancelled the woman on the phone really wanted me to talk to a tech about my "slow internet" problem. It took about 10 tries of me saying "It cannot be fixed, it is inherent to the technology you use" before she gave up and let me cancel.