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What are the rules (if any) in regards to athletes being added as a video game character, or sports teams being added as video game concepts?

My point of view: adding cover athletes (such as Vince Carter), players to have a series of sports games named after them (such as Ken Griffey Jr. and Wayne Gretzky), or specific characters that are unique to the series or are in only a select few of the sports games out there (like Barry Bonds' replacement in MVP Baseball 2005) are fine. Nobody else.

Pages in question: Marc-Andre Fleury, Pittsburgh Steelers

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Fable 2
Fallout 3
Gears 2
Rock Band 2
Force Unleashed

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Ninja Gaiden II
Battlefield Bad Company
Rock Band

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Ninja Gaiden Black

I started playing Soul Calibur II recently though in preparation for IV.

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Below the pages title, you'll see the text (for example, from the Experience Points page) "Experience Points is a video game concept", where the 'concept' link is intended on linking to the page where you can find all of the available concepts on the site.

The current way it is linked sends a user to a 404 page.

EDIT: Also applies for Locations pages.

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Condemned 2