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Team name: The Brad Shoemakers

Tag: BS

Bracket: High


Name: eagle6002 (Captain)

Wins: 700

Location: USE

Role: 2

Favorite Hero: Dark Seer


Name: Shibboleth

Wins: 173

Location: USE

Role: 5

Favorite Hero: Wind Runner


Name: Videohead

Wins: 611

Location: USE

Role: 1

Favorite Hero: OD


Name: Quesadildo (Flabbergastrate on GB)

Wins: 200

Location: US

Role: 4

Favorite Hero: Wind Runner


Name: Woutr

Wins: 200

Location: Netherlands

Role: 3


Contact: eagle6002

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Your Steam name: eagle6002

Your location: USE

Which Bracket you like to participate in: High

Number of wins: 700

Favorite role and favorite hero (if any): Offlane / Carry, Dark Seer / Alchemist

If you would be willing to be Team captain(few extra responsibilities, mainly setting up games/cancelling/communicating): I would prefer not to

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The design is good, but everyone is sooooooooooooooo slow.

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So how many quality Wii U games will be released between now and this fall?

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I'm interested in bulletstorm, seems like a bunch of dumb fun (good thing), which I haven't seen a lot of lately.

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Unfortunately, I have never gotten around to playing half life, so I would certainly be interested in the copy.

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So I got a 75% off coupon form the steam gift giveaway and was wondering if this game is worth the $7 I would have to pay for it with the coupon.

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I'd like Metro 2033 because any game with a bullet based economy has got it right in my book

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Fortune Street TNT