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@baillie said:

@eccentrix: Have you tried using it while disabling all those extensions?

Oh, wow, according to that very basic thing I forgot to do, Adblock was the cause. I disabled it on the chat page and now it works perfectly. That was the last extension I was expecting to be the reason, since so many people use it and I was the only one having problems.

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I've been getting this. Also, emoticons stopped working a while ago, so I'm assuming it's a similar issue that's involved.

OS (including version) : Windows Home Premium SP2

Browser (including version) : Firefox 29.0.1

Did you try other OS/Browsers ?: Chrome works.

Internet Service Provider: Virgin Media

Country: England

Here's a list of my active add-ons, in case there's anything there:

Adblock Plus 2.6.3, Add to Search Bar 2.5, AutoPager, Copy Plain Text 2 1.2.1, Download Status Bar 10.0.0, Download Statusbar Fixed 1.2.00, FacebookBlocker 1.2.4, FoxyProxy Standard 4.2.4, G++ 2.4, gTranslate 0.9, Hide My Ass Proxy Extension 1.2.7, Hotspot Shield Extension 3.32, Long URL Please 0.5.1, Password Exporter 1.2.1, Tumblr Savior 0.4.11, Undo Closed Tabs Button 3.9.1, XKit 6.0 PR1

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@datarez said:

  • When I do have other real people in the club, I always seem to win no matter what and they're almost always already up as well.

Yeah, this was the leaderboard thing I was talking about. I'm just not sure how it's supposed to work.

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Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I have to have my Vita turned all the way up for me to notice it at all.

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@pinner458 said:

I thought you needed some sort of card to use Paypal, either debit or credit...

My PayPal's just linked straight to my bank account.

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I came for the destruction, I stayed for the semantic argument.

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That's what we get for downloading the more expensive, more restricted version. Maybe we'll be able to play tomorrow.

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But how will this affect Betting The Farmville?!

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Byfleet, Surrey, UK