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Are you guys playing premium or without voice overs? Is it still funny without the vo?

It is for me, but I like the game in any form. Some people just want to hear funny sounds.

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Don't get why it's a subscription - I imagine they plan to add more scenarios but I'd rather just pay a flat fee and buy extras as DLC or something.

This whole thread is about how their servers are being overloaded by the amount of users. The more paying members they have, the quicker everyone else gets to hear the speech.

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The 10% discount is pointless for digital downloads here in the UK as it will still be cheaper to buy them on disc.

But then you have to use a disc. Like a caveman!

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I'm really curious to know how many Giant Bomb users have never even played games like Maniac Mansion, Day of The Tentacle, or Fate of Atlantis. Give the age of these titles, I bet it's a huge percentage and that is just so unfortunate.

Well, considering Maniac Mansion was released when I was two-years-old...

The first game I remember ever seeing, Super Mario Land, was released here when I was -2!

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The fastest person in the world continues to be the fastest person in the world? Crazy! I can't wait for more wr updates from Patrick in the future.

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Garry's Mod, Tabletop Simulator or Second Life, if that counts. I think Gmod beats TTS.

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I just really want Quadrilateral Cowboy.

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I play that way too! It's tough to rarely ever finish any games, but it's nice that I get to play a lot of everything.

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Portal 2, if she likes puzzles. Do the PixelJunk games have co-op? Those are pretty simple. Something like Terraria might be fun, also. Classic Nintendo platformers often have co-op; Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country.

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At least I had the same response as Dan to Brads 999 hours spent in Dota - what the fuck??

I like to think that I play a lot of games and maybe more than I should, but I think the most time I have on any game ever is around 30 hours.

Wow, that's crazy.