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I always thought that was insider metadata stuff. Cool!

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I'm going to try to check in more during this month, just in case people are wanting to look at this thing.

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I wasn't there. Also, never forget

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You think The Doctor has time to buy his own tracksuits? Puh-lease.

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@amyggen said:

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The only thing I'd expand upon is what the commercials in question were for, in relation to the spokesperson (Kate Upton - Game of War; Liam Neeson - Clash of Clans). Did he show the Heroes Charge commercial? I might have spaced out.

Didn't show the Heroes Charge commercial.

I didn't remember that, either. He probably addressed it, but there was a longer period between viewing and writing for this one. It was a weird quick look in a lot of ways!

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@whitegreyblack: Even with that, because I'm pasting from somwhere else and redoing the formatting, there are invisible characters or something that leads to different line breaks and paragraphs on publication. I'm just going to write the posts straight in the text field from now on.

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Giant Bomb does that weird formatting thing I don't like/understand where pressing enter makes a new paragraph instead of a line break and if you try to fix it, you can't tell whether it's fixed until you publish your post. I can't see an edit button, so I'll just try to get it right more often in the future.

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@hammondoftexas: I'm not going back and doing all 10,000 Quick Looks, but I haven't yet patented describing what happens in an internet video, so anyone can start that project if they want. As for future videos, I'll try to do as many as I can, but there'll be some I won't be watching until I finish the games in question.

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This was a hard one to write because there's not much to talk about outside of the specifics of the game which is just numbers. Also, I felt talking about how the match ended gave some closure to this, but you might consider it a spoiler or something, so let me know about that.