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Get it!

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I bought enough that I'm almost at level 6 of the sale badge kind of without trying. Every damn time, Valve! At least I broke 2000 before the sale started so I didn't have to worry about watching my count.

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The "don't have sales or talk about your game in the wrong way on other sites" rules are weird. No more early Humble Bundle sales, I guess.

I hadn't heard about the Spacebase DF-9 thing and I own the game. Nor can I find any mention of it on the store page. They're still selling it. If you're selling a game, it's not canned. All I can see in their still-frequent updates is "We’ve learned a lot and are proud of what we managed to accomplish." "We are not silently pulling the plug" indeed.

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Love how, two days after everyone was fuming about how Ubi rushed Unity out before it was ready, the comments here are take-my-ball-and-go-home pissy that Rockstar took its time to get it right. Congrats on being part of the problem.

GTA Online was a mess when it launched. Now it's not. So here come the heists.

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I'm glad I'm finally getting the feature I bought the game for.

If the feature you're buying a game for isn't available yet, don't buy the game. Not complicated.

You couldn't be any more off-base. The game had a horrible launch, that was ironed out within a week or two. The game has been stable for a long, long time, a promised feature should have been in there ages ago.

Maybe, maybe not. It's not as easy as pushing the "Make Heists" button on the keyboard. Rockstar has a track record of mostly releasing polished products (with exceptions, of course) despite dealing almost exclusively in the open world genre. If it took this long, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt that it's worth waiting for.

It was good of them to prioritize that hipster update, though. With so much pressure to make the heist update, it must have been difficult for them to release so many content packs that had nothing to do with heists.

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I've always had more than enough games to choose from and have never been one for finishing games. When I was younger, I would play the first levels of the games I liked over and over again and now I play a game until the next one comes along and I forget about the first. Modern AAA hand-holdy games that help you along in completing them are pretty much the only reason I've finished any games at all.

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Finally, a chance to recap that stream from the other day!

A camgirl was setting up her stream on Twitch after shut down. She had a guy playing games in a tiny corner of the screen while she sat on the floor in a low-cut top ("I don't even own a bra, guys!") talking to viewers. She was doing dances and moving through her "house" when suddenly a guy walks on screen and suddenly she's on a first date. The chat started calling him a plumber (come to check her pipes) and it was all really awkward, especially since the first guy was still sitting on her bed playing Resonance. Eventually, she got banned. It was the best stream ever. Also, all of this was happening under the Extra Life banner, so that garnered even more complaints.

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Y'know, everyone's gonna call you crazy, but I'm kind of with you. I've watched the show plenty of times, and understood the fact that he is a prehistoric human that lives in a cave, but never really thought of him as a caveman. Weird.

It's not even a cave, it's a house made of rocks. If society has progressed enough that people are living in houses, they're not cavemen.

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I'd never thought of Fred Flintstone as being a caveman before. For one thing, cavemen don't generally speak intelligently, if at all. This blew my mind! To make this thread discussionable, what obvious things did you never realise about cavemen?

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What disgusts me is that 7 people Favorited the death threat tweet.

Other people have probably said this, but I use the Favorite function for saving or tracking tweets. I don't really have 358 tweets that are my favorite.

The weirdest thing about this for me is the revelation that Valve doesn't allow weekend releases. I thought it was the developers avoiding weekends. Two days out of every week you can check the new releases on Steam and there's nothing there, then on Monday there are ten new games. What's up with that?

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Wow, this article's been on the schedule for about a week. I was expected some big, embargoed news or something.

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I'm a bit more curious if multi-player games will get better at making death feel the least bit tragic.

In which multiplayer games is death tragic? You mentioned L4D and I can think of Dota, Counter-Strike and Garry's Mod games like TTT where you only get one life. I would love more stake in staying alive in multiplayer, so I'm open to suggestions.