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You know I'd kind of like it if they stuck the I love Mondays intro (either one) on the current videos, even if they are just really off the cuff things now and don't have the same level of production, just for old times sake.

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I'm not used to hearing Wario, or any Mario character really, talk for such an extended period of time, it weird to hear them be so talkative.

Nintendo seem to advertise their games quite well a lot of the time and this is a clever little idea, though I didn't really get much of sense of what the game was actually about from the video (I heard it's a bit different from regular Wario Ware games)

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Plastic boxes will soon be redefined, those angles were only possible with the power of the PS4

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Though this isn't really representative of the final game, I trust it will look suitably polished when they are ready to show it, Rocksteady has given them all the assets and support they need apparently judging from interviews, my only worry is if it will come with that sequel fatigue that Gears and God of War seem to have suffered from lately (also I kind of preferred Asylum over City and this seems closer to the later but I realise that's personal preference not the general opinion)

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@lackingsaint: You made a fatal mistake with that title, but I think we can lethal this behind us now.

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Geez, I'll be honest I thought you were going to announce you were dying with a thread title like that.

Anyway I do some Flash animation work myself so I know how time consuming it can all be, the screenshots look promising though, looking forward to seeing the finished product.

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@rhombus_of_terror: You know as much I like Idris Elba as an actor I find it a little hard to imagine him as the doctor, it's probably because all I can basically think of is a time travelling Luther but he just seems so physically intimidating compared to the other Doctors (especially compared to Matt Smith) That being said it's not like in Luther he doesn't use his cunning as well as his fists so who knows, though I can't see him being as quirky as that last few incarnations have been, but perhaps that's the sort of change we need to mix things up a bit.

@mmmman I heard people discussing the possibility of him being the next James Bond at one point, I think that's a role that would suit him well.

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Why is there a picture from Luther in the first post, are you hoping Idris Elba will be the next doctor or something?

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It's not really for me but I don't have a problem with the coverage on the site, despite they grumblings now and again that Giant Bomb doesn't make as much video content as they used to there is more than enough alternative videos to give me my GB fix at least (and let's be honest here I'm sure even Brad will move on from DOTA in a month or so considering how many new games are being pushed his way and with all the other crazy stuff happening this year)

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@darji: I've seen FMA but I'll have a look at the others and see either of them grip me.

@dochaus: I did start watching Mushishi but didn't finish it for some reason, I've been to get back to it, had a pretty unique feel. I'll give the rest a look too, thanks.