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The writing on this could be clearer. It's hard to keep the acronyms straight, even as someone mildly familiar with EVE.

It's absolutely fascinating, as well, by the way.

Just a little hard to follow at points.

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There's a PC horror game called "Blindside" that I haven't tried yet but came in Groupees Halloween bundle last year and is entirely done with audio, as the protagonist wakes up blind.

You can get it on Desura, and it's apparently on iOS, as well.

Could be really interesting.

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@fminus said:

@roger778 said:

I just finished reading all of the comments that have been posted already, and I'm really amazed that the majority of people on this forum are really angry, or distressed about Gearbox acquiring the Homeworld Franchise. Granted, I have never played any of Gearbox's games, but I do know Homeworld 1 and 2, are two of the most critically acclaimed Science-Fiction strategy games on the PC.

I too, am unsure of this deal, because I know of Gearbox's reputation among gamers right now, which isn't good. However, if Gearbox handles this correctly, and does a new Homeworld Game, I can actually see this becoming a success story like X-Com Enemy Unknown was last year: a Strategy series that was re-booted last year by Firaxis Studios, and it was critically acclaimed by many game critics, and on a lot of Game of the year lists.

I urge everyone to calm down, and see how this plays out. If and when the new game gets made, and it's a success both critically and commercially, I'll have a big smile on my face.

You can't calm down, when a mediocre FPS developer bids on an award winning RTS license and wins it, while both 2nd and 3rd bid were Stardock and Paradox, this just equals to the worst possible outcome in the history of game franchises.

Firaxis really only ever worked with and on RTS and TBS games, Gearbox never ever saw a strategy game up close, let alone made one, well maybe lying to fans, false advertisement and selling a turd for millions could be classified as strategy..

You are correct in that you do seem to be having a very difficult time remaining calm.

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@Chumm said:

Scoops you're a professional writer, whether you like it or not. Does GB seriously not have a copy editor?


Within, players will meet of an “enigmatic Triad operative,” sent an alien ship off course, and somehow battle aliens “in the skies over China.”


Within, players will meet an “enigmatic Triad operative,” send an alien ship off course, and somehow battle aliens “in the skies over China.”

I like to imagine that Patrick slips one obvious typo into every news story to screw with us.

Because there is always one obvious typo. In every news story.

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@Brad: Thanks. Got QGXTR-GTTJT-24XFX-VJ64K-66HXZ

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@qawsed: Why is Capcom missing from that list?

Edit: Nevermind. They're at the top of the mid-size publisher list. I didn't realize they didn't count as "major."

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@Animasta said:

@coribald said:

@Eldredpe: fastest growing online service in history!

soon they will have 2 paying members

They're keeping expectations realistic and projecting 1.8 by the end of the next fiscal quarter.

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Call of Duty Elite has one and a half paying members?

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@TheGreatGuero said:
This guy wrote the screenplay for Book of Eli? GROSS. Hated that terrible movie.
I wouldn't blame Whitta. 
It takes the convergence of a lot of talented people to make even a bad film, and that film's problems probably didn't start at the script level. 
If you can even get a script into pre-production, it's probably pretty solid.
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I'd really like it if they could get that store up and running again soon...

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