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In order,

  1. Dead Space 1 and 2
  2. Bastion
  3. Mass Effect 3

I haven't played any of the others. But Dead Space is certainly the series you should play first.

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Final Fantasy IV and Killer Instinct.

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I was in the shower, watching it on my Ipad.

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Racism is bad, m'kay.

I never given racism a lot of thought. It's stupid, petty, and totally beneath me.

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I have never enjoyed Metroid Prime Games, I really like Amagon for the NES, and have spent maybe 200+ hours of my life playing Pokemon games.

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Meh. Demon's Souls was cool, but I never played Dark Souls. It always seemed like a gamble to me because I didn't want to play a game like that again. If it were easier the game would sell more, but there are gonna be THOSE people who will talk shit and trash it just because the game was more accessible.

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I really would like a baby Argoninan, it would lay its eggs and I would create an army of Argonians to do my bidding. It would be like Reptile's race form Mortal Kombat.

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With the end of the Wii coming soon, what are the games you remember best and are must owns? I see the Wii becoming really collectible like the Saturn in the not so far future. All the best games are gonna cost a chunk of change. So what are some games I should seek out now while I can get them for cheap?

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Custer's Revenge.

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@Demoskinos said:

Borderlands got stale quick. Are people really going to play the same content over and over?

As many times as possible!