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The platforming is awesome for one, but the basic idea of entering people's minds is just genius. I love it because the the characters are all memorable in their own sort of way, like Dogen, who is the coolest character in the game. It's the little touches too, like getting the ability of clairvoyance and seeing what people really think you look like to all the safes that are locked up in people's minds that you open up and learn about their pasts. Mila's suppressed emotions are one of the scariest things I've ever seen in a video game.

I won't argue that Psychonauts is perfect, because I think that last level is horrible. But once I was thrown into the Lungfish City, the Milkman stage and when you enter the Bull-fighting stage, it was hard for me not to get hooked. It's one of my favorites, no doubt.

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HK-47 from KotOR. He was the most uninteresting character I've ever encountered in a video game.

But for reals, I really didn't like any of the followers in Fallout 3. Mostly because I feel like I have to watch them at all times; as if they were a little kid or something.

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Meh. FFIX is better....

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  1. Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers for the NES
  2. S.C.A.R.S.
  3. ESWAT on the Genesis
  4. Sub-Terrania
  5. Amagon
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I was left with a dull impression of Skyrim too after a while. Still a phenomenal game though. I think Oblivion was a better game, but Skyrim was still really great.

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Final Fantasy Tactics. Where is that choice?

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Prey 2. The premise behind the game is genius. Human bounty hunter goes and takes down scumbag aliens. Just Awesome.

I still think that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will come out, in some form or another. Michel Ancel cares to much about his games to let it sit forever. Personally, I think we should just give up hope on The Last Guardian. Ain't never coming out amigos.

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You just kind of have to decide yourself. I suppose you could pick up those JRPG's and Sonic games. Those early Sonic games altogether shouldn't cost more than $30 (That is if you want them complete in box, the loose carts should be no more than $20.) Buying FFIV and FFVI should only cost a little over $60, which is more or less what you would be paying for a regular retail game. As much as people gripe about how expensive older games can be, most of the time they cost less than the big $60 release of the week.

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That guy is pretty freaking awesome.

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God of War. The first time I saw Ares in the background during the Athens level was pretty crazy. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 was awesome. And I first played Rez on the PS2.

I would also say Okami, but just because it was so visually stunning when I first got to play it. (After the 2 hour cutscene.....)

EDIT: I forgot about Twisted Metal: Black! It wasn't at all a great game in terms of the combat, but those personalized stories were creepy to me at the time. I think the best one was between Mr. Grimm and Dollface.