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I miss a night of sleep once a week, on the day I go back to work I don't go to bed, and go to work normally, and sleep at my average time. 1 day without sleep isn't anything strange.

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I'm going to give top 3 because there are just so many moments in this game.
1. My and my partners final steps through the snow toward the mountain, after seeing him collapse I stopped to check only to fall myself.
2. Walking toward the light with my partner at the very end, both of us stood short of the light for a good few minutes before both signaling to carry on.
3. The first time that I met my partner, it was on the "2nd level" with the ruined bridge. I saw something in the distance and chased after it, we sang and jumped with each other before carrying on with the rest of the game side by side.
This is an absolutely phenominal game, I've not done anything like this in my life, let alone a videogame, I would like to think that I want to play more things like this, but I think that it would spoil the perferction of this game. What I will say is that I hope that the bigger companies out there can take something away from the experience that this short, cheap game can give to it's players.

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Thank you LordOfVag for sticking with me though an absolutely perfect, emotionally inspiring videogame. If I saw that gamertag name anywhere else I would laugh, but as it stands, you are my hero.

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it is free, the issue is that the game isn't tied to your gamertag. If you download the gfwl program on your PC, login there and download microsoft flight from there, that will fix it for you.

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na man, it's a cool game

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I've now calmed down a bit. How in depth is this game, all switches usable, can I have a monstrous amount of key bindings for things, how is the realism aspects of it all?

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This is awesome, keep the vids coming

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@Aviont: I'm not America, but I know that none of you regard Fox news very highly due to their general lack of knowledge in the subjects that they speak about and the crass things that they report on just to hit viewership targets...
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I don't know when this term FCG thing came about and I don't like it either
Edit: I'd just like to say some stuff, I don't want any gaming press or whatever to ever cover this stuff, they are ill equip to do so. I will stick to shoryuken, event hubs and iplaywinner.

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I've been playing a lot of this game recently, mostly in the career mode, it's really cool. I think I'll jump into some multiplayer soon, I think I have the hang of the game enough to not be a burden on anyone :)