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Munich, Bavaria, Germany

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Hi, I just moved to Munich and was wondering if there was something like a active RL Duder Community here, or maybe some interest in doing a meetup(or is there already one?)?

I coundn't find anything with the search, so I thought I'd just ask.

I moved here from a small village with no other duder around, so I was hoping Munich might have a better saturation of duders?

If you have any questions feel free to ask them.

Well, so I leave you with a video of GIANT BOMB in Munich (detonated this year).

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The Breakfast Club -> the only correct answer!

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Same Here. Germany

#5 Posted by FaTD (42 posts) -

Dead Space 2 please

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I also have some coupons and 2 games. You don't have to trade something back if you don't want or can't, but I would appreciate it.


  • Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops
  • Frozen Synapse


  • - 25% Valve (2x)
  • - 50% Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
  • - 50% Edge
  • - 50% Orcs Must Die!
  • - 50% Evil Genius
  • - 50% Tiny Bang Story
  • - 50% Droplitz
  • - 50% Worms Grazy Golf
  • - 50% Star Ruler

I also have a Space Marine and Renegade Ops Coupon, but since I'm planning on buying those games, I won't trade/gift those.

SteamID: http://steamcommunity.com/id//FaTD/

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@Absolute_Zero: Yep, it's confirmed he's there for the BLLSL! (He was already toying with the BRP today)

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Your attempt is noble and brave, but I'm afraid that may be futile in this community. ;)

Although I'm not that big of an anime-guy I would love to talk with someone about the GANTZ anime (one of my guilty pleasures), so if thats an option, sing me up!

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@crusader8463: OK, cool. Afaik they plan to do semi-regular archives of those calls. (Quote from the rules for the BRP, posted on the site for it)

1. All conversations are recorded and broadcast live. We occasionally post archives.

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@crusader8463: I'm actually really interested in what you think is ok as subonly, not what is not OK(that point has been voiced loud and clear in the last few days)

Since I'm a sub I'm alright with "exclusive content", but I'm genuinely interested what non-subs think are acceptable features (that might them make even consider going sub, without getting angry when they're not and therefor have no access to it.)

I think that (unless this turns into another troll/rage thread) this is a great way turning all the negativity around here into something productive.

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