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When you're in a highly intense combat situation, rest is required to unwind psycologically. Even in WW2, such commodities were given. If this is not given, the mental damage of killing other humanbeings, being in a land that hates you (In some parts, not the majority), having friends that die, and being away from loved ones and general society - such damage would serverely wound even the most stoic of individual.  
Im going to guess that internally you are rebelling against the notion that soldiers must be elevated above normal expectations of treatment. As such I will forgive your ignorance, but you need to realize that this simply isn't the government throwing money at "a vacation". It is a form of therapy to keep soldiers calm in battle.  
On a third note, you should apologize to this guy for ruining his thread.
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You realize that forum discussion is not something that is exclusively on the internet, right? He's citing reports from discussions by those involved by in forum discussions initiated by Sony. There is a signifigant difference between that and some random forum on the internet (You really didn't think he was citing a internet forum, did you?).

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I am to be offended if someone looks at me and thinks I am either ugly or cute? No, because how the fuck would I know they were looking at me?
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I'm just now getting back into school after my temporary hiatus. Currently my GPA is just short 3.9.
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I'm Jesse James father's great-great-great-great-great-grandson (Through a mistress).
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It is very likely that the charactors just didn't consider that. (I haven't played the game).
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It would take ou roughly two to three years to get to the cred to become a moderator here. You would be better off starting your own website. Or getting enough money to buy Whiskey Corp.

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@MysteriousBob said:
"I'm sorry, but who gives a shit about the opinion of some popcap hack? "
Even if he was a nobody (He fucking isn't by the way), his list was still entertaining to read.
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I'm sorry, I was going to read your argument but it was too padded to get through. Edit and cut out words that are only put there to provide an air of education.
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I thought it was pretty prima facie. Duh. Kids these days don't know any latin.